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New Steam chat

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Everything works. I pasted it:

Check the changes on Steam.
General changes:
- Added an option in Settings-> Interface to enable or disable GPU acceleration in web views
- Disabled GPU acceleration by default for Windows users on Windows 8 / 8.1

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As soon as steam posted their update Magic Duels a game that I play is now broken and it somehow screwed up my update for GTAV so now I need to redownload 75 gb... Other than that new layout looks pretty good.

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Friends & Chat - Beta Client Only

  • Added 'Do Not Disturb' mode. When selected, the user will receive no notifications from friends or groups, incoming chat messages will not open new chat windows or play an incoming message sound.
  • Added 'Offline' as a selectable status. This will log the user's client out of Steam Friends and the user will appear as offline to their friends.

Friends & Chat - All Users

  • EXIF data within JPG images is now stripped on upload.
  • Clicking your avatar at the top of the friends list now takes you to your profile. 

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