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Screenshot Art - Photoshop Love/Hate

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I've had a love/hate relationship with Photoshop for years - I hate it, and it loves to make me furious. I always end up closing it and slapping together something less ambitious and more simple in MS Office Publisher... until now...

I've wanted to make one of these "pop-out" vehicle pictures forever, and I love those animated ones even more. I'd like to add a waving to the exhaust blur or flashing lights, just a frame or two, but for now I am so happy I was able to do everything I wanted and more (even thinner feathering on the bottom and left margins than the top and right).

It's a little tall for a sig pic, but I'm gonna get into making more of these - this was actually fun and that's not something I'm used to saying about spending time with Photoshop.

I think I might love it now (still hate Adobe, of course)

Veterans-Gaming BMS Multiplayer rsz.png


A BMS pilot named Hechter took the original screenshot, and had already edited it a bit in PS:


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Just look at that amazingly clean interface. Photoshop really needs to de-clutter the shit and get to the level MS Paint is at xD

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I love it! One thing you could do for the exhaust and flashing lights is adding a parallax effect to it. It wouldn't really be a picture anymore, but at least you can make it into a gif. Not sure if would be possible to add it on the site as I heard that having a plugin for it is very expensive.





Edit: it's not showing for me for some reason, check it here

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Lol @ MS Paint!  Yea, that's been my go-to next to MS Publisher for years, and only used GIMP for quick transparency modifications with "intelligent scissors" magic wand style tools;  but if you think PS is nuts with the GUI, GIMP is insane!  Learning curve through the roof even for simple tasks, even just knowing where to find a tool to do a task.

Made this sprite sheet in MS Paint for a Java project, and MS Paint is a very awesome program.  (You can check out the game here, walk around, smack a tree or chest - see readme)

character  64x64 framework 91.png

But MS Paint can't use awesome plugin tools you find for different effects like PS, so I had to come over to the Dark Side


And for the animation, I probably don't want to go with .gifv because, like you've demonstrated, it doesn't embed well in websites like a normal .gif would.  But .gif's are getting way better these days, even with many frames of animation.

Check out this example, [R-DEV] Mineral's PR sig:

Believe it or not, that .gif is only 235 Kilobytes! And it's 43 frames of very smooth animation.  I've seen some others around the internets as well, very cool stuff.  I think I might work on an A-10 next, firing the GAU-8 nose cannon kinda slow motion like Mineral's sig.


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