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Petition for Peter Wang ROTC cadet killed in school shooting

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Guys...  i dont soap box much, but this is an interesting topic, that as a veteran, I believe needs some attention.  This kid was killed with his ROTC attire on and was helping people get out of the area during the shooting at the school in Florida last week.  There is an ongoing petition for his voice to be heard at the White House so that this young man can receive a full military burial  ..u can check it out here https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/allow-cadet-peter-wang-receive-full-honors-military-burial.  I'm all for spending my tax dollars and that!!..Anyway check it out guys..Thanks for reading.

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I think all of those kids should get the honers they deserve. I'm afraid my European mind cannot justify what happened and just because Mr. Wang was a cadet I don't think he deserves more. I think you all as Americans need to make sure guns are almost impossible to get into the hands of crazy people. Especially guns that are made to kill people, as many people as possible. I'm sorry for Mr. Wang. And the other kids. But they was just kids, all of them. 

What I'm saying is that your thoughts and prayers are never going to be enough. I'm sorry. All those kids shouldn't have gotten killed. Mr. Wang was probably brave but all of them should be honored. 

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