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High Ping problems?

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Yesterday I tried joining VG but was lagging a lot, not stuttering, just skipping around and rubberbanding.
I Googled this and the only responses were "Get a better connection, f*g" and "Get a better PC, f*g".

is there any way i can fix this?

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ping means the time that your computer needed to get an answer from a certain counterpart. in this case the vg-server. if your computer is not overwhelmed then it can actually be only the internet connection, a cheap router or a bad wireless lan. if you are not using a cable, try it or try another one (cat.5 or better if you have a long distance). otherwise a bad connection is the most likely reason.

if you use other programs such as skype, outlook, facebook, updatetools, torrentclients, browser or anything else that needs performance and / or internet, that can also be the reason ...
if i make a hotspot with my cellphone i can easily play pr. if I run Skype at the same computer, my ping goes up. when i run Skype  on another computer or the mobile itself  my ping is till 25 and 75.



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