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Whats your favorite breakfast(or anytime) drink?

Whats your favorite Drink?  

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  1. 1. Coffee or Tea?

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13 hours ago, VODKA Jersans said:

Why not? In many countries people have a glass of wine or a nice cognac for breakfast along with some good food. What exactly depends on the country. In Slovakia many people drink one shot of slivovice in France many people drink wine or even cognac with a coffee before work. The problem only starts if you're there from 7am until 3pm and your boss calls you wondering where you are and then your wife wonders if you still have a job. But normally you just stick to one, maybe two. A little jerk, before work. 

Nothing wrong with that. 

When I was living in France my colleagues and I always went, well almost every day, for a coffee and two white wine at 8am sharp. At 1pm a hot lunch and two glasses of red. Then sometimes after work drinks but not every day. Not sure if it affected performance but we had fun. 

It's cultural. 

Its called being a "piss-head" in Australia.

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6 hours ago, =VG= Kavelenko said:

Its called being a "piss-head" in Australia.

Nah mate, lived in Australia and having a glass of wine doesn't constitute being a 'piss-head'. But I've seen some proper piss-heads in Australia. Holy hell.... ;) 

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