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Request Ban (If possible on non PW BMS server)

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Some clown named Celik (pilot name Mikail CLK) joined my flight in progress (not on IVC) and friendly fired upon me shortly thereafter with no enemies around at 8:42 EST 2/11/18.  IP 


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Thank you for the report!  I've noted the IP and added it to the Watch List.  Because this sort of action is so very rare on the BMS server (1st report of this nature in 4 years) we're gonna have to watch out for this person.  Please keep an eye out, and if you see this person again, try to say something (use Shift+T to text chat in-game).  If this happens again, they will be banned permanently from the VG BMS Server.


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when he joined my flight in progress, I tried both voice and text with no reply. I was a little leery when I saw him get on my six, but it certainly was done on purpose. odd that someone would take the time to learn such a complex sim, yet do something that stupid.


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