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ARMA III Life - Airborne Bounty Hunting

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Send me a PM to link up and join me for some bounty hunting PVP action!

I have been playing Arma III life on "asylum" servers. Its a public server with no mods other than JSRS. It is a 100% pvp game typically over 40 players on the Altis map. There are civilians and cops. Civilians can make money honestly by getting jobs or by breaking the laws. When they break laws they generate a bounty. I hunt them down in a truck or a littlebird.

I need some mates to help me out. I can fly and you will sit on the rails. We shoot out their tires if they're on the road or we fast insert if they are in a town. I act as forward observer if we do an insert and walk you on to the target. Once you take them down with non-lethal rounds you restrain them and load them on the heli and we turn them in for bounty.

Its A LOT of fun to roll on criminals like this. Please join me weeknights about 5pm PST, or weekends, and we will hook some bad guys and get airborne 

Here is an example video: 



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HA! Love the "Dog" pic! I used to spend quite a bit of time in Arma 2 Life servers, either as a cop, merc or drug runner - too much fun!  Good luck to you, I might find you one of these evenings if I get in the Arma Life mood.  Cheers! :drinks:

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