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Global Status : 

Eurocorps / Russia - WAR           Eurocorps / MEC - Neutral           Eurocorps / Red Dragons - Neutral

Russia / Eurocorps - WAR           Russia / MEC - WAR               Russia / Red Dragons - Friendly

MEC / Eurocorps - Neutral          MEC / Russia - WAR                 MEC / Red Dragons - ceasefire

RD / Eurocorps - Neutral             RD / MEC - ceasefire                RD / Russia - Friendly 


Per HCO's request, here's a general topic where all the global news will be placed. This will also act as a feedback / suggestion / salt hub where you can discuss tactics, research, blame the commander etc. etc. etc.

@=VG= keed is welcome to edit the main post with information he wishes to be broadcasted at the top. (Don't delete the campaign map that will be at the bottom). Other moderators, please do not touch the main post without asking me first.

At the end of each cycle, the campaign map will be updated. The map won't show any troops, but only which faction controls which sector. if HCO wishes, he can take ScreenShots of the warroom, or release the link. The room is locked and can only be edited by gamemaster.

Also, at the end of each cycle, this topic will be cleared of outdated comments such as old research suggestions, battleplans etc.

Feel free to share your battleplans or whatever here or on battle specific posts, as two of the factions are fully controlled by AI and the third one is controlled by a person who doesn't even know about this website. (Special kumbola to the first one to figure out which faction is human controlled).

==Commanders edit==

Service weapons:

Screenshot from 2018-02-23 14-04-21crop.png

Unlocked: Tier I (I ordered AKs (Tier II) for the next live battle, hopefully they will arrive in time. Damn UPS...)


Mechanized and Motorized Assets:

Screenshot from 2018-02-23 14-04-21crop2.png


  • Jeep+APCs (unarmed)
  • Mounted Weapons

Current Research Focus:

Like I said in the post after the battle, I will prioritize INF equipment over new vehicles. Right now we have a good base with armed Techies and Boragh APC as they serve as fast trans and are good for long range defensive positions on open terrain. They are both also capable of penetrating some IFVs like BMP1 and the wheeled autocannon APC the Red Dragons field. Fixed and rotary wings are planned but since it's high risk/low reward operation they are on hold until our budget increases. For a cost effective trade vs vehicles we have to use our RPG7 as much as possible. This will be put into a specific doctrine called "Rolling Trench Warfare". (More on that later.)

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Going to kick this off with a general notification about the M.E.C Faction for those who haven't read the main post.

M.E.C. isn't the same faction we are so used to on PR. It consists of Hamas, Taliban & FSA. 

MEC aka Mohammed's Elite Corps (Default PR MEC) units are a speciality troops that spawn once you control Israel, Turkey & Iran. These units will have all the weapons available without the need to research them, but  each of them have only 40 Tickets and they can not be reproduced, meaning that once you suffer more than 40 casualties per battle, provided that MEC was selected as main force during it, the division will be removed. You will only get 3 of them! 

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Cycle I Conclusion.


The commanders have made their moves and the first cycle won't see any confrontations between the factions as no armies clashed on any of the sectors. The most aggressive expansion was from the Red Dragons who snatched 4 sectors, edging closer to MEC which decided to claim the buffer sector to the east and focus on reinforcing the garrisons there and overall in the east. The things in europe seem to be escalating rapidly as both Eurocorps & Russia are massing troops on each other's borders.

The MEC managed to research troop transport trucks and supply crates & also used it's resources to purchase additional infantry divisions.


Stay tuned for next week as there are bound to be conflicts as each of the factions now share a border with someone they are at war with. 

Also a reminder, the live battle will take place next week, on 17th of February at 1900 PRT.



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Cycle II Conclusion. 10.02 - 17.02

The first battles of the campaign have been concluded and all sides now count their losses and plan their next moves. China launched an invasion on MEC controlled territories and managed to force MEC units to pull back to their HQ zones, but were ultimately forced to retreat by the heroic defenders. Due to weather conditions turning to the worse, the valley of Lashkar didn't see any action and chinese units remained in their bases. 

In europe, Russia launched a full scale invasion through the southern flank of eurocorps and managed to push back the defenders there, getting one step closer to the Eurocorps HQ.  In scandinavia, both factions are foritifying their positions.

In America, NORAD forces managed to hold off the Mexican attack force and are now pursuing the retreating mexican forces into their mainland.

MEC managed to research logistics trucks, grenades, shovels, FOBs, & Foxholes.


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Cycle III Conclusion (17.02 - 24.02)

Yet another cycle has concluded and here are the highlights. Also, the next live battle will take place next week, on 3rd of March at 1900 PRT.

In Asia, MEC decided to further fortify and reinforce their current positions. Red Dragons launched yet another assault against MEC forces, but after fierce battle and heavy casualties on both sides, were forced to pull back. The North Korean news media are broadcasting news stories of Chinese forces fighting alongside North Korean units in the Korea peninsula and there are reports of South Korean units being pushed back hard and suffering heavy casualties. It is expected that South Korea will fall in about a week.

In Europe, Russian forces continue to push throught southern flank of the Eurocorps, forcing the defending units there to abandon their posts and retreat to neighbouring sectors. Russian forces in Scandinavia successfully captured the Swedish sector, but were unable to push out the entrenched Eurocorps forces from Norway. There are also reports of massive mobilisation orders being given out by Russian covernment. The reason for additional mobilisation is currently unknown as is where these newly formed units are being deployed.

In Americas, NORAD forces continued to push Mexican forces further into their mainland and after some fierce battles, Mexican covernment admitted it's defeat and surrendered. 

There are rumours that a large fleet has sailed out from the US mainland and there are sightings of Canadian units being mobilised and loaded into cargo planes in their airbases.

MEC managed to research : Radios, Field Dressings & HMGs. Also MEC forces are now equipped with Tier II Weapons.


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Cycle IV conclusion (24.02 - 03.03)

Asia : 

The Asian front didn't see any confrontation this week as both MEC and Red Dragons decided to reinforce and fortify their positions and therefore non of the armies clashed there. 

In koreas, North Korean troops with the aid from their Chinese allies have pushed back the South Korean defence forces and managed to capture Seoul with relative ease and The remaining disorganised South Korean forces have surrendered. Chinese forces that were in Korea have return to their mainland and are being redeployed to fight against the MEC. 

The now unified Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong-un , now turns it's attiention to west to aid it's allies. Korean navy has been deployed to secure the coasts around Red Dragon sectors & Korean air force has already been deployed. Motorised forces are to arrive within weeks.

Europe : 

Eurocorps forces launched a daring attack against Russian forces at the centre and were able to push them back after suffering heavy casualties. Russian forces that managed to push deep into Eurocorps territory are now in danger of being cut off.



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Cycle VI conclusion (10.03 - 17.03)

Asia :

The Asian front saw one of the bloodiest battles so far as MEC clashed with China and it's Korean allies. After heavy fighting and massive losses on both sides, MEC emerged victorious and were able to push Red Dragon forces back. 

In a surprising move, Russia has declared war on MEC and first units have already poured over the border.

Europe : 

There are reports of a massive NORAD fleet landing in Norway, forcing the Eurocorps forces stationed there to pull back to british mainland. It is currently unknown what the NORAD's intentions are.

In central Europe, things have slowed down as both, Russia and Eurocorps are counting their losses. There are rumours that both sides have called a cease fire while they figure out what to do about the new invaders.


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5 hours ago, =VG= Double_13 said:


Luxemburg now researching national focus: Why we fight.

It's still there. If you look closely you can see that white dot. ;) Don't worry, they already have a plan in action.

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Cycle X (07.04.18 - 14.04.18)


Asia : 

After months of bloody battles, Red Dragons and MEC have agreed to a immediate cease fire due to increasing threath approaching from the west. Due to recent events, Red Dragons have reluctantly agreed to compensate some of the losses suffered by the MEC, returning them the sector they lost in one of the recent battles with the addition of 8 VN-3s, 2 WZ-551 23mm APCs, 1 type 86 IFV & a chinese inf heavy anti tank launcher.

There are rumors that talks between Russia and MEC are also underway to meet a similar agreement. Sources say that Russian Armed Forces have proposed the MEC to unite their forces to fight against the enemy approaching from Europe.


Eurocorps is on a verge of collapse as the NORAD forces continue to push onwards. British isles, France and Holland have already fallen and there are reports of NORAD units crossing the border to Germany. NORAD forces have also managed to crush the massive Russian army in scandinavia and are now pushing forwards to east. So far the combined Russian / Eurocorps force has had no success in defeating this adversary.


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