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Hi sandstorm, nice to see that you are active. A VG Discord Server was setup two years ago https://discord.gg/NQr5M8C but as you might know we mostly use TS3 .

Our IP is

It is with a nice little Pilot Lounge where all the Top Gun can meet each other.

Please also have a look into this Post: http://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/forums/topic/8288-falcon-bms-multiplayer-ivc-comms-sop/#comment-81083


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There is a Discord that we frequent when looking for other Pilots to fly with, it's called the Falcon Lounge, I believe -- it is frequented by nearly all of the "Discord using" BMS players across the globe AFAIK.

Like Rotblut said, we are trying to encourage new people here at VG to sit in the Pilots Lounge channel of our TS3 Server (ts3.veterans-gaming.com) because TS3 also has a smartphone app, and a way to view the names of people in all channels on a website as well



To be clear, I'm happy you've taken the initiative to improve something for this community!  We merely feel it's important to funnel our players to one or two services that we've already set up so as to not further fracture the player base across multiple social platforms.  I hope we're not coming across as completely illogical here on this matter.  Looking forward to flying with you all again soon when I feel like returning.

Cheers! :hi: 

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