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De wey

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I assume this as Ramon Film Productions/Wakaliwood doings (aaaand i was correct :P), it's been interesting to me, know what the real storyline behind of those. Since, i never actually understand these "action-packed movie" in terms of story, they're just... bad ass, but they're also funny in how you hear it and their acts (in a "wae")


I mean, who even wants to dive bomb with Apache to some rebels in a forest? Flying it like a real man driving a car :o


What in the world.. that effects, almost all of them, made me laugh hard every single time. :D Terrifying for some filmmakers (they even make their own weapons from a styrofoam/cardboard boxes, how strange isn't it?

Some referrences? Maybe here:

- Tebaatusasula (seems the movie above on post)

- Who Killed Captain Alex? (???)

- Rescue Team (A chinese spy? At Uganda?)

- The Return of Uncle Benon (I'm guessing it's the sequel to Captain Alex, explains more)

- etc. (Why do i even care about this again? :()


PS: It's not "de wey", it is "da wae" to pronounce it (as @Spartanish explains to me)


- Inch

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Yeah I think this is from Captain Alex, cracked me up when the guy was shooting the AK out of the helicopter window.

My girlfriend told me that some of the older Chinese movies are like this, with a Chinese soldier blowing up a Japanese airplane by throwing a grenade at it.

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