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time to report a guy who think hes above everything.

2tarek steal cas asset (i10) ignored all the reports and spam and he wasted it. 

map: khamy.

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I am currently facing another snowstorm at my fathers house , 2 hours from his place and snowed in with 3 feet of snow (around 1 m for reference) thus no access to my desktop. I can take care of this matter 24 hours from now if no one else gets to it before I do. 

Thank you for the reports though.

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[23:58:01     GLOBAL] Ranger >>>12<<<: !r 2tarek steal
[23:58:06     TEAM 2]  KevinIsMyName: top stealing CAS squad's A-10!
[23:58:10     TEAM 2]  2tarek: what
[23:58:12 T2 SQUAD 3]  KevinIsMyName: !admins
[23:58:19     GLOBAL] Ranger >>>12<<<: hurry before he crash it :D
[23:58:27     GLOBAL] Ranger >>>12<<<: please im not gonna wait 10 m
[23:58:30     GLOBAL] Ranger >>>12<<<: please ! :D
[23:58:48 T2 SQUAD 3] Ranger >>>12<<<: !r 2tarek steal
[00:00:42     GLOBAL] Ranger >>>12<<<: 2 tarek i know u can understand my fucking language right now. bring the I10 back 
[00:00:50     GLOBAL] Ranger >>>12<<<: if you crash it its a bann for you
[00:02:33     TEAM 2]  2tarek: i can understand you  im not stupid like you


Reviewing the logs, we found similar behavior under an alternate account as well.  Because of this, 2tarek has placed on the banlist, and will be eligible for an unban provided he takes the time to read the rules here, and agrees to follow them.

Thanks for the report!



posting this just for fun; in that same log, I also uncovered some infighting between two of our VG Clan Members who are also PR Devs - time to ban some bots! (j/k) :tatice_03:

[00:19:52   TEAMKILL] [R-BOT] Fastjack [mec_jet_mig29_sp_bomblauncher_1] [R-BOT] melonmuncher






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