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...is this even a thing here?

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...I've been playing DCS for a while now and I've been doing basically the same thing as in BMS: cooperative PvE stuff, 'just' without the dynamic campaign in the back. Short question is: who else is into that sort of thing?

Coming from BMS, I can't help but feel the server landscape is barren, unless you play PvP, which isn't my thing. It's not like there is no 'content', but 50% of it is just complete waste of time training "missions". You take off right next to the targets, units are just 'plopped down' instead of placed with logic, no flightplans/waypoints, rarely do you see SAMs with longer range than an Sa-9 and still people die left and right.
It's tragic, yet comical.
There are exceptions, but they are far in between, so I thought I'd look for some more reliable pilots here ;) 

I'm competent in the Hog, Harrier, Flanker (if it counts) and a god in the Ka-50.

Discord seems the place to be these days, already in touch with a few people there, but their groups don't seem to be the most active/reliable.


ps.: hi :)

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I very much enjoy DCS Warthog.  I wish I could say I'm ready to jump into a flight with you, but I'm a bit out of practice.  I have been thinking of retraining so I can jump into a mission here and there.  I was also a bit turned off by the lack of realism in the missions, etc.  The best one I found was a dynamic on-call CAS mission that has many "sub-missions" that you are randomly tasked with through 9-Line CAS requests over the radio.  It takes place in the mountainous regions to the North/Northeast to give it a feel of the Afghanistan conflicts.

The name was Operation Bactria COOP - here's a link:


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That's kinda disappointing, but given that BMS has always been a niche here and activity on the relevant forum is scarce, I was expecting it. Would have loved to be pleasantly surprised though.

I have played Bactria before and it's an excellent mission, but I can't stand shooting at truck mounted ZSU-23-2s anymore. In the Ka-50 I'll even ignore those guys until I'm down to rockets or guns, just to get some excitement out of DCS....I've become pretty good at it by now.

Well then, my search continues, at least until next month when the 2.5 update will be too much for my GPU to handle anyways.

I wish I was into cars, then things would be a whole lot easier.

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