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Need admin

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I don’t mean to be rude but all of our admins are required to be on TeamSpeak when they are online and ‘available’. If you have problems on our servers that’s the best way to speak to us.

This website is more back-office stuff. Talk about things or something. Not to vent an immediate problem. 

So please. 

If the maps are wrong or if you have some assholes on the server you really should download and install TeamSpeak and talk to us immediately. 

We will always try to resolve it ASAP! 

I hope that makes sense. 

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Vanilla first of all thanks for the notification. 

I can understand it might be frustrating that you have to keep playing the same map over and over.
However if the server crashes or switches back to an old map (because no admin is online to change it) the only quick way to contact an admin is like jersans said, by teamspeak. 

However we can have certain moments no admin is available/online.

Even if you contact an admin the map is often not changed at start as this could result in another crash. So if you like it or not you will have to play karbala anyway unless an admin really finds the need to change it and risk an potential crash on next loadup.


Anyway thanks for the report and hope to see you on teamspeak

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