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FatAlbert is still around ;)

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Hey PR fans, 

Just a quick note......Thanks for the PM's and other messages.  I know it's been afew months, but I'm still around.  I started a new job in July.  Unfortunately, I've been working somewhere near 100 hours (a week) for the past several months and it's put a considerable dent in my gaming.  

Just for nostalgia, I'll play solitaire for a hand or two, just so I can say "I'm still a gamer"  ;)

I think my next "scheduled" day off is Christmas day.  So...I'll see you guys then.  

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Man I'm glad you got your life back together, nice seeing you doing better than last time.

See you next year I guess!

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Hay Fat Albert " Albert is a word used by the aristocracy in the UK instead of DI +++K or Co++++k"  haha so its not your A++ss then lol 

I'm going to work at sea for a while, 2 months so quit ya crying hahah at least you will have a T1 fiber optic line close by,,,, ya  gotta skip rest for play sometimes : )   if i can patch in to one of the chinese lines, i will be able to play  : )  if not  i'm down to satellite emails   56 k up 12k down lol  this page might take a while to download.  As soon as im back, im booking time to play with ya Albert. 

If Captain Corso,, turns up on the server again, ask nim not to lunch anything at the,  Spratly islands for 60 days,  and i will post my beacon number for a lift if we bump into some rocks  : )    

Smoke me a kipper i'll be back for breakfast  : )







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