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Who is Thyme14?

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He's a legit player as far as I can tell, plays off and on since July 2017, first seen in June.  Not too many Admin warnings, minimal teamkilling (and apologizes afterwards), and generally seems like just another regular player.  His most frequent times seem to be 1600 ZULU through 2000, I didn't note the days of week/etc.  but I believe you should just talk to him.  Maybe try chat first, not sure if his mic is working or if there is a large language barrier, but he does appear to speak English and he is in Indonesia.

Just ask him kindly - maybe it was a mistake, or maybe he pushed the button to see what it did and it claimed the name to his profile.  Pretty sure you can just "claim" the name back to you on the Gametracker website.

But I doubt it was anything malicious.

Feel free to report back.

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That can happen on game tracker when someone tries to add you to their friends list.

I've made that mistake before, its a lot easier to add a friend if they have a profile and vice versa.

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Maybe you can ask InchPincherToo, I guess it is a friend of him and btw. it is easy to delete this from his GT account if he is willing to do that. 

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