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Great Article on The TACAN and Yardstick System

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found this great article on the TACAN system. Props go out to United Operations Group for this.

I like the explanation of setting up yardstick. Do you guys set it the same way? I fly a lot of lone wolf missions and as of late and flying the Harrier quite a bit. I have not set up air to air TACAN in quite a while. 


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Excellent guide!  On the VG Server, we follow the default Players W/ AI channel numbers as it's what Weapons Delivery Planner automatically sets up for us, and because it rarely causes conflict (1=12Y;2=22Y;3=75Y;4=85Y).  It's nice to see a guide that shows the full in-depth details behind the system, and options for Players W/ Players.

Nice find, Static! :drinks:

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