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Las Vegas Shootings 1/20/17

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The Las Vegas Shootings - 10:08pm 01/10/17

The Las Vegas shootings is now confirmed to be the most deadliest mass shooting in US history.

With approximatley 50 Dead and over 400 injured and rushed to nearby hospitals.

This has not only shocked the State but it has shocked the entirety of the United States along with it.

This new record of innocent lives lost is nothing to celebrate about, It creates a sense of darkness and sympathy within the American people.

It is horrifying to imagine a 64-year-old man to claim the innocent lives of over 50 people in a matter of 10-15 mins.

Each and every Man, Woman or Child that was killed could have had some sort of influence in the future.

Some of them could have invented something new and revolutionary, some of them could have helped cure a disease or even cure cancer.

But this Man took a grasp of thier innocent lives and threw it down the drain. This is horrifying.

Here is one of the News Reports about it.... Some things may be disturbing for some to watch so watch at your own risk.


I Salut the two off-duty police officers that were killed that spent their time and effort into keeping their state a safer place for everyone.

I also Salut all the Emergency Services Personel that risked their lives and put the effort into calming down the situation and rescuing and treating all the injured people at the time of the event.

I also Salut all the brave civillians who lead the way for everyone to get to safety.

My Prayers and Thoughts are with all the victims of the shootings.


If there is anyone on this forum that has been one of the victims or know a friend or relative that has then please know that this Community is united with eachother and will do our best efforts to support you every way we can.


To give my respects to the innocent lives of this mass shooting I will be doing a Total 50 Min of Silence on PR that is broken down in 5 days in a row and will all start at 2200 hrs (GMT)

If you wish to join in with me then please let me know prior as I will be creating a squad only with the people who wish to join in with the silence.


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