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Did Anyone Miss Me?

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What's Up People???


Hey, feels like forever since I was playing PR. I bought a gaming PC then went crazy playing every game I could get my hands on. They were all missing the teamwork that I had come to love that PR has so I am back for better or worse.

I am thinking of getting back into PR on a regular basis so am hoping there is still some guys playing from back in the day when I was playing lots!


See you all soon on the battlefield!


PS. Feel free to add me on steam FPSGeraud.

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Welcome back, bro! I've also been playing a bit of PR again lately, I could complain all day about the old school graphics or the technical mechanics of the bots, but in the end, it's the teamwork and cooperation with others that makes VG PR COOP so much fun - the sort of place you can lose yourself for 8 hours like it was five minutes.  Good fun!  See you around!

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