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I wrote this in an effort to help out any of you that suffer with controls not seeming to work properly on your peripherals on or offline. A lot of issues may be down to one I discovered a few weeks back that the software you program your stick, HOTAS, whatever may be being sent through too fast.

The attached manual will show you how to set things up with advanced or timed macros to stop this from happening in future. Its enabled me to use my X52-Pro just using a standard SST profile, no direct X needed at all, it also works through my K50 Corsair Gaming Keyboard too and stops any instructions getting thrown into the pc faster than it can handle. Works on Windows 10 down to 7 and also on earlier versions of the SST software and other makers software too.

As there appears to be a upload problem heres a direct link to it on my server. http://www.pcdatalincs.co.uk/FALCON/SST and timing manual.pdf

Enjoy and I hope it helps out those of you with issues


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Thank you for the helpful post!

I've always had such terrible success with STT software profiles. Once I even got my mini-stick "mouse cursor" on the throttle to work as the Radar Cursor in Falcon BMS by using Bands - now I cannot get it to work at all, and if it does, the cursor moves constantly to one side of the FCR.  I do not use Rudder Pedals so I must keep my X52 Twist Rudder working for Yaw Control and therefore I cannot assign that axis to the Radar Cursor for the mini-stick.  BLuDKLoT has the same problem.

My only workaround is to use Direct X mapping and shift-states to have all my HAT switches working and that way I cannot use my mini-stick X52 "mouse cursor" for anything at all.

I wonder if this timing fix will make it possible to use STT Profile with mini-stick Bands that do not move the cursor without input.  I'll have to do some testing soon. Thanks again!



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Ya i can't do bms bcus of that same mini stick cursor issue sliding my cursor to edge of fcr can't lock on target's so it's pointless to even fly. 


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