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Hello! So, yesterday I tried playing Deployment on the Free Candy Van server and it didn't go great. I was confused all the time, the kits were different, I wasn't sure what to do because the radio was silent 99% of the time in a full "MIC" squad.
Is anyone here so nice that they could spend a little of their time teaching me how to play this thing?



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First of all Candy Van is the same as coop. Only now the enemies no longer walk backwards like michael jackson and noscope you from 100m. However some might proof to be a serious opponent most of them you can easly chase them down 200m and knive them as they do not seem to hear the loud sprinting sound behind you. Also they seem to build fobs in fixed locations as its the best location and why should you ever change the position of the fob. 

Enough meh now

Ted,Martin,Keed,Sydney,Fastjack and me all play deployment regularly (sometimes together sometimes alone). Feel free to ask one of us for tips.

As for the kits. Not much should be different only that the restrictions are back. This means that for a LAT kit the squad needs 4 people and for a heavy machinegunner you need 6 people in the squad. some bluefor kits have restrains rather then knives but they work the same. 


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