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Returning to VG was great!

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So it's been a while since I stopped playing on VG because I went through a pretty bored phase during which nothing was fun, I played no games and I did nothing all day, but then I thought while watching some military videos, that I should reinstall PR and start playing again.
I have to say, this was the most fun I've had in weeks: I joined a couple of days ago and started playing straight away, but had to go almost immediately. 
Today, though, I played 4 rounds which were amazing!
The last 3 were with a RECON squad, and the SL was Ghoustman, who was extremely nice, funny and competent, we had lots of fun and I have to say, after today getting a horrible mark at school (after studying for three days straight) this really helped me lift my spirit.
Thanks also to hellcruizer, for not letting language barriers break the fun: he is from Singapore but speaks English very well, and I had lots of fun with him in an earlier round going around in Humvees supporting INF squads.

Not much to this post, just a big thank you for being such a great extended (and sometimes weird, in a good way) family.

Frank from Italy.

P.S.: I still haven't properly introduced myself! I'm going to bed right now, got a long day ahead of me, so I'll do it tomorrow night, but should I?

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Great Stuff there Matey!!

I can certainly relate!!

Many of us have similar "Return to PR" stories.

Gaming should be fun and relaxing too. Especially in good company of which is in abundance in the VG 'Verse.

Many a time I have had a clear head and new focus after a good gaming session with great team players.

See you out there.

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