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Operation "Red Tide" Part I

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Great and challenging maps TEDF.

A worthy and creative set of scenarios made for dedicated teamwork.

I hope you will continue to push the boundaries of team work and cartography to the very edge, as much as you can.

Changing the primary weapons to short range SMGs was a stroke of genius!!

Here's looking forward to the next Event.

The fact that many were motivated and confident, after the event, to migrate to a deployment server was interesting and unexpected.



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As for feedback.  

Op Phoenix 

Even thought we didn't came far I had a lot of fun running a squad. I think that not having any assets on this map was a main bottleneck in terms of transportation from base to city. 

The removal of the scopes was what made it more challenging. In the fields you got wrecked by the long range bots sniping but on short range it proved quite useful 

One of the downsides is the RP Despawning even if there is no enemy nearby. This is sadly not something ted could fix. 

Op black hawk down

It is that ted and myself tested the maps and knew what's coming. I found that the deployment of other squads could have been faster as it was meant that the first flags should be rushed. The rest of the map was entertaining as people got overwhelmed by the enemy assets that rolled out. Sadly I missed MR Gary showing up to the battlefield. 

For suggestions. Swap 2 humvees for delayed troop humvees so they can do taxi service

Streets 2

I had loads of fun on this map and I think the coordination in the beginning was good. However as the coordination got less so did the map progression. Later on people just started running of the map for fun or sat at main. I think we could have easily finished the map if squads kept coordinating.


Well the map was meant that people rush out the main and take the fight to them. However it seemed difficult for other squads to deploy and move out fast enough. This resulted in the main been baseraped by bots. 

I think that the bot assets should have been delayed a bit longer so the people who are not that fast have a fair chance of moving out. 


Overall it was fun as hell (mighty MP7) and I hope the next group of events will be even better. 

If any of you have suggestions and or comments about this event please tell Ted so he doesn't make the next event even more salty. 

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Here's an idea: small scale operations.

Imagine this: there is an HVT in a compound on a map. The rest of the map is clear, but the compound has all 40 bots, and all sorts of defenses. We have to assualt the compound, positively ID the target, and get out. 

We could have someone on play the role of the target on OPFOR, and have all sorts of briefings and tactical stuff.

Real delta force stuff, to now?

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