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Operation "Red Tide" Part I

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Operation "Red Tide" Part I

18th of March 2017




Hi chaps! Event Factory is happy to announce the launch of PR Coop campaign Operation "Red Tide" on 18th of March 2017! Before the information on maps and other administrative stuff, there are a few things I'd like to address :

1. The scenario takes place late 2016, in an alternative timeline where most of the major 21st century events didn't happen. (Terrorist attacks, conflicts between countries, ISIS etc.)

2.  Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Yemen etc. have collapsed and the territories have been divided between Hamas and Taliban (more in the backstory)

3.  I got the idea for this campaign from reading the comments of baltic people on news stories where russian aircraft has violated soverign airspaces, stating that NATO should take more aggressive stance and shoot down one of those jets to send out a warning. The purpose of this campaign is not to make one of the sides look as the "bad guys" and the others as "good guys", but to represent one of the possible scenarios that we might face due to increasing tensions between the Russia and the West.


Event Details : 

1. Standard Veterans - Gaming Coop rules apply. Only approved supporting members will be having admin rights during the event. 

2. Event will be open for all to join. No signup is requiered. Password for the server will be announced 24h before the event.

3. Maps will be uploaded week before the event ( look for them at the bottom of this post)

4. No FOBs will be available and squad leader spawn points will be disabled meaning that rallypoints will be the only spawn points ouside the main deployment area.

5. As there will be many new (old) maps, feedback and bug reports are appreciated.

Backstory :

Middle East (1999) : Radical islamic groups of Hamas and Taliban announce an alliance and take up arms against disjoint goverments of Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen & Jordan. Within couple of years, all government forces are overrun and by 2003 the territories are divided between Taliban & Hamas. 

2004 - Newly discovered oilfields in Taliban held territories spur new tensions between the former allies. Taliban refuses to share the oil with Hamas which leads to another all out war in the Middle East. First couple of months leave many of the major cities on both sides in ruins and tens of thousands of civilians are killed. Using this conflict to their advantage, several new militia factions emerge, including the former government loyal forces, that have been in hiding until now. Fueled with new hope to restore the former countries and supplied by the West, they begin their struggle.

2009 - Hamas bombs the market in one of the Rebel held cities. over 400 civilians are killed, including 17 American, 4 German and 2 UK citizens. Attack causes outrage in the western world. Under heavy pressure from the congresss and the public, newly elected US president Obama approves retaliatory air strikes against Hamas forces.

2011 - Terrorist attacks in Washington leave over a hundred dead. President Obama approves the deployment of US forces in the Middle Least. First US units land in Yemen and join with rebel forces in the fight against Hamas & Taliban forces. New coalition is formed.

Early 2016 - Last of the Hamas strongholds have surrendered to the Coalition forces and many of the Taliban positions have also been overrun. US intelligent agencies discover that Iran has been supplying Taliban cells still remaining in Yemen with advanced weapons. In retaliation, US deploys additional ships to the area to block any more deliveries and sends out a protest note to Iranian government to cease the supplying immediately.

Late 2016 - Taliban is on the brink of defeat. As the Coalition prepears for the final assault, Delta Force is sent in to clear the way for the main Coalition armor force. 


Briefing : 



Maps : 


1.  Phoenix - US Delta Force vs Taliban

Commander : 


2. Road To Jalalabad - US Delta Force vs Taliban

US assets -

HMMWV 50. cal X 2 - no respawn

HMMWV 50. cal x 4 - 10 minute respawn

Commander : 



3.  Street 2 - US Delta Force vs Taliban

Commander : 


4. Black Hawk Down - US Delta Force vs Taliban

Commander : 

US Assets - 

HMMWV 50.cal x 4 - 10 minute respawn




Install Instructions:
1) Download the file
2)locate your PR levels directory, (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels)
3) Extract the downloaded zip file into pr\levels using winzip, winrar, 7zip etc.

4) Run PR
5) Create a local coop game and check that the event maps are in your maplist
6)If they are you're good to go for the event

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Wow the classics. Old school Jalalabad! Love the back story. Subtle query? Why Iran? What is their game? What about Russia? So many questions... No but seriously awesome! 

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Added the download link with an additional map - Black Hawk Down.

Also, event will be moved earlier - to 7pm PRT

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To answer the questions people have been asking me be about this event

Q: Can we premake our squads like we did in melooons event?
A: Yes you can, this is suggested as it gets more people to show up. So SL's please start recruiting people (especially randoms) in joining this event

Q:Are there any assets we can sign up for?
A: No this group of maps are INF based with addition of a few humvees.

Q: Why cant we play it on singleplayer?

Q: Is this event prepared before hand unlike the last one?
A: The last one was prepared but the recent update changed the settings causing the event settings to no longer work. Ted and Double have preran the event settings on the server since the last update, and TED did the necessary modifications to make sure the event can start at the designated time.

Q: What is difference of this event VS the last few events?
A: The last few events where made by Melooon and where on the current PR maps. This event will include: the default PR maps, The official PR mappack maps, The original BF2 maps.
A: The event also contains a story line that progresses thought the campaign

Q: Can we play OPFOR?
A: We will play various Factions and this might include OPFOR. 

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They Yeeee squad is getting shape

SL: =VG= Double_13
=VG= Tedf
=VG= PBAsydney
=VG= jaki
=VG= Keed (if hes not to busy working)


Feel free to announce your own squad, or to join ours. However I will have to see if we have sufficient people in other squads.

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Just a heads up; I will squad lead a random squad, will take in anyone who's leftover/willing.

No sign up, just join in the event. 

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Good old Sausag3 will be making a Squad if there is enough members attending the event.

I'm accepting randoms, however if you want  a spot reserved let me know.

So hold tight ladies and gents. 


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Thank you everyone who joined. I guess the difficulty was a bit too high for inf only combat, will tune it down for the next events. 

Next event is planned for 8th of April, same time 7pm GMT. Going to post event details and maps in the next coming days.

Operation "Red Dawn" part I Debrief : 


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That was a great event TEDF despite the difficulty level; which I happen to like.

I'm rendering a video of the first Map Phoenix which I'll post as soon as its done. Clearly from the footage we all had a lot fun, looking forward to the next episode!

Here it is:



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