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Please Unban Me

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Good Day. Hello, it's me again Kraus, it took a very long time since I was banned on server. I understand that you do not have reason to let my server, but had very much time has passed. I do not intend to kill teammates anymore (though the last time it was an accident). I'd love to go back and play with my friends on VG server.

Please, i am sorry for what i did but its been a very long time and now i am not gonna kill any teammate and a I'd love to play with VG Community again.

P.S In fact my VODKA squadmates gonna kill me for every little thing

Hope i am gonna come back and sorry for causing problems.

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While its not my call to make if a person should not get unbanned i do wish to share my thoughts.
I think we can all agree that kraus might be an ass time to time and he might be disruptive.
But from my point of view i think he should get a chance.

Kraus is a person that time to time has some bad moods in where he might do stupid stuff that is not allowed on our server. And I do not want to talk this good.
However he is a regular player that is also a good player most of the times. I also would like to note that for a person like him there is no where else to play since we are the last Coop server and not unbanning him will mean he has to quite PR entirely and no longer be able to play with his fellow clan members. 


PS i just see tedf replyed as i was typing

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