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possible admin reviews

Review of current admins for PR   14 members have voted

  1. 1. Pr admins?

    • Have the comunity choose to review current admins
    • The current admins are fine

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Over the past months there has been a serious lack of admins being on or admins abusing there power I have seen admins kick players for being afk even though they are not. I would like to have the community sit down and review admins behavior. Veterans is one of the most relaxed and fun to play servers and don't get me wrong know one likes tk'ers, asset stealers or people that are afk; but it has become disappointing especially with some admins in particular


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First thing I would like to say. If one has a problem with a admin they can contact one of the PR head admins Tedf, m823us or semler.

In general the afk kicking is always tricky because when is he afk and when not. It's also used to kick loading players to make room for an admin. The main thing the admin looks at is the unassigned people because this means they either are AFK since the beginning of the round, or don't follow the have to join a squad rule.

I don't agree that the community (Non =VG=)  decides whether an admin is good or not based on a simple voting or discussion. This because the friend politics or negative experience with an admin will occur when it comes to it. 


Then when is someone a good admin?

In my eyes a good admin is a person that acts when it's need and doesn't act when it's not need.

To give a simple example.

Today I had an amazing round on silent eagle however on the last flag a dude dropped a nade accedently on the floor resulting in 8 TKs. Since I was there and saw what happend I didn't act but if I would not have been there he might had been banned for int tking. 

What I want to say is with this is that we don't always know what's going on. and often we don't act, or maybe over react simply because we think something was soandso. You have to see that all of our admins do this as an extra and talking from experience this is often quite a hand full. And this brings me to a other thing, admins don't have to act. If I am not correct this is one of the key things we have is that you don't have to play cop and admins also have the right to ignore things if they don't fee like it. I personally ignore most reports when I know a other admin is online and I am flying an asset (typing and flying are not 2 things that go together).


I know that allot of you will disagree with the following. But no need to note that

I am probably one of the most annoying admins on the server. since I do what is best for the server no matter what people say or think about me. I do not care if a player is playing on the server for 3 years or 1 hour everybody needs to behave within the rules and not been disruptive towards the rest. Yes I might not ban the regular player as fast as the annoying new kid but I will make sure that if ban that kid it's for a valid reason and not because I do not like him. I chose to disten myself from  people so I do not get involved in the friend politics. This is my own choice and I like it allot. 

I do not wish that people see me as an example but I try to be fair for everybody in a way I think is best. 


But again others might have a different opinion about this subject, and if the community (=VG=) decides to openly review admins I shall   Apply to be the first to be reviewed just to see what comes.

I thank you bacon for coming up with the initiative on making the server better. It shows you are very active with us and I highly admire that. See you Ingame.

PS. You should be active on our Teamspeak for more fun


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Good points Double_13, when I came onto the COOP server yesterday I was deluged with requests to kick this guy because he's stealing assets, or kick this other guy because he's been teaming killing.

I did neither because I wasn't on when they allegedly did those things. But I did keep an eye out for them doing it again, mostly they settled down or left.

My advice to the players is to not retaliate (which is easier said than done when you're angry) and make sure you report the guy when it happens by typing - !r offendername multiple team kills

As for admins abusing their powers, I haven't seen evidence of that so far.

The rules for admins conduct are quite clear and we have to be fair but often its a judgement call at the time.


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About kicking AFKs; yes it has happened to me that I kicked an actual active players but they stayed unassigned and wasnt respawning for minute or so and I decided to kick them out and make room for other people to join since it was a busy day on the server. Once more I encourage all of you to join/create a squad and dont stay unassigned through the round.

Personaly, I dont think there is a reason for reviewing current admin team. If you want to report admin abuse or something else, there is already a way/rule how to deal woth it; you can either post a thread or pm TED, m8 or Semler. Therefore I dont see any reason for this poll to be active.


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There's actually something about this post I do not follow. Obviously it is entirely possible that there's an admin who is not following the basic rules and responsibilities that comes with the privilege. I'm not saying there is and I have not witnessed it, but it is possible. But if that is the case there are channels to comment on your grievances. 

From my experience all admins that are investing their time alongside playing the game to keep our server tidy, fun and nice are doing, albeit not perfectly, the best they can. 

So personally I am, and I think no one is,  actually not interested in reviewing the admin team as such because I do think all of us are doing the best we can, but I am more interested in what admin(s) you feel are grieving you and others.  

Put a name with the complaint. 


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Please contact TEDF or myself if you have an Admin complaint that you do not feel comfortable posting in public forums.  We take all reports seriously, and we will take actions to correct the behavior(s) as appropriate.  Conjecture can be difficult to judge by, we would appreciate any screenshots or time/date references so that we may look up activity in the log files - but we will accept any report regardless of any evidence, or lack thereof.


Do you feel you have accomplished your goal to improve what you see as negative actions on the part of admins with this poll thread that has 10 votes against your opinion?  I do not.  If you wish Admins behavior as you see it to change, I advise you to provide more details in this thread, or contact senior staff such as TEDF or myself with a proper report.  Otherwise, I expect this thread to affect little in the way of change.


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