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As things stand after post U2 upgrade the weather has gone from dependable good to 50% chance of bad. (25% + 25%) and I think that's excessive. Might be RL for korea ? but gets in the way of FUN. I`m all for using instruments to get back to base now and again so bring on the occasional `pea souper` but generally the combination of poor weather and night flights is not a great draw and possibly off-putting for newcomers.

So can we bring back the other option or  modify current setting to 5 + 5 ? (90% chance of reasonable weather.


Can there be a list of `official` non HQ bases. Those of us who are interested can copy/paste on our systems and make the changes that sometimes seem to get missed after server disruptions, rather than guessing wrongly. Thanks.

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First the bad news then good news...

I stopped the server this morning (Day 8) to repair the Day 1 save files and (current save) Day 8 files - one time, when re-loading the other, I made the requisite changes and then proceeded to overwrite the Day 8 save file with the Day 1 campaign.  All that effort twice, only to end up with a proper Day 1 save - UG!  So, I've lost the Campaign progress so far and have had to revert to Day 1 again, albeit with all the changes we wanted.


The good news:  I was able to change the weather as requested to have 90% reasonable skies leaving two 5% chances for inclement and poor weathers respectively.  I've also gone through each airbase to double check our AI vs Player squadron setups.  I did find a few issues and I've corrected them, and while I was doing it, I was noting each FS# and Airbase name for the requested 'official list'.  There were no 40's for the players at Kunsan like we used to have, so I've removed the 80th from AI/HQ fragging, and Seosan had a few AI FS's HQ fragged and I've turned that off.  Seosan should now have a very low volume of AI activity, if any at all, which is how we've run Seosan for years to give players priority at that airbase in everything from taxi to landings (especially helpful for newcomers).

Here's the list you asked for, please note and post up if you ever find the server fragging different (i.e. "after server disruptions")


This is not a complete list of all squadrons at these airbases, only the player squadrons (not fragged by HQ):

600th FS  F-16CM-52
908th TS KC-135 (AI Controlled/HQ Fragged)*
910th TS KC-10 (AI Controlled/HQ Fragged)*
*to be used (not flown) by players for AAR support in missions

80th FS -- F-16CM Block 40
601st FS -- F-16CM Block 52
602nd FS -- KF-16CM Block 52

Carrier VINSON
603rd FS -- F/A-18C
604th FS -- F/A-18E

36th FS -- F-16CM Block 40
605th FS -- F-16CM Block 52
606th FS -- KF-16CM Block 52

120th -- KF-16CM Block 52
157th -- KF-16CM Block 52
607th -- F-16CM Block 52
608th -- KF-16CM Block 52


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