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Hey all. 

51yr old Army vet, tours in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. Flight sim nut, have flown all versions of MSFS, currently on FSX:Steam and love flying VATSIM. Just recently found out about Falcon BMS and am force marching the learning curve. This sim is out there and I love it! I always fly my FSX as real as I can get it so BMS is an automatic GO for this guy! Anyway, hope to meet up with some of ya soon and get in the air!


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We're usually not taking it too serious around the airbase, but once that master arm switch get's flicked, we're on the ball. If you're looking for the real deal, most regulars can do that as well.
Yes, there is a lot to learn but after the initial "learning cliff" it's getting easier. If you require assistance, feel free to ask in the BMS section. Whenever you feel comfortable make sure to hang out on TeamSpeak. There is a good chance you might catch somebody willing to do some training flights, which can be more fun than digging through the (excellent) documentation.

Welcome on board sir.


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