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Guest Midgee

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Guest Midgee

Tried setting up an account on here, tho i have yet to receive the confirmation email. Been waiting almost 3 hours and still nothing, I have requested multiple times for it to send me one but still nothing. Any help would be appreciated !

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The error is only shown under System, Dashboard

There was also a red flag beside the name under Members, Members

Email Failure

Emails are failing to send. View the email error logs or adjust the email settings.
If you require assistance with testing your email settings please contact technical support.

***I've verified the email settings, they are all correct AFAIK, so we need to contact whoever can verify root of this issue.  For now, we can just check under Members for red flags which we can manually approve.



I went ahead and approved Midgee -- it had nothing to do with what he was doing or his spam folder, but that was a good suggestion.  We'll figure it out.

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