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I'll be honest, I have a few sleeper accounts and I am glad that people do not know if I am an admin or not.  Some of my accounts have been blown because they started talking to me with my in game name not matching my gammer tag.  I had to use another account since it was known that account was locked to my name.   

A sleeper also has the opportunity to see how players act and perform when they do not see any "admin".  I see one person at least a week that does the "admin" command and then seeing no admin online wreak chaos.  There were times I would just have an "afk" admin on to keep a tab in the game when the servers are on the low side and not much monitoring needs to be done.  Stay in TS and if people needed me I would be able to assist.  

I personally feel very happy with how we, as =VG=, have the ability to police ourselves.  A lot of people rant and rave about our server, but look at the population we have.  At any time VG COOP has mostly the TOP SLOT for player count.  Yes we fluctuate and yes we do have some hiccups now and then, some players get through, but we have fans and dedicated people that make this server stay up as much as possible.  We have Head admin that devote an untold amount of hours and we have a support staff that keep the server in tip top shape and up to date as much as possible, you don't know about them because you do not see them on a daily bases, or you see them more when fecal matter hits the fan.  

Something that I tried to start when I first became an admin (before I was =VG=) was a list of admin and time zones they wanted.  I am sure I was not the first and I have seen it surface again in my short time here.  If you folks want I can start to set this roster up again.  A point that was brought up was this is not a job and I agree 100%.  Admin should not take away from people wanting to enjoy PR, since PR is life for some hardcore players.  

Long post short- I like !admin hidden and appreciate all the work that goes into the server's: admin or non-admin, support "staff" or players.  You make a =VG= SERVER , A GREAT SERVER!




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I posted yesterday but must have been deleted with the site doing whatever it did

There is no reason any admin below a server head needs to use the !admins command.

The biggest issue I see in this threads people have with it is 


I use it to see what admins are online so I can talk map changes and admin shit!

As per the admin rules



While we have mumble to communicate in game, but it's expected every admin on the PR server should be connected to the Veterans-Gaming teamspeak channel at all times when in game. (TS3.veterans-gaming.com /

This service allows our admins to communicate with the other admins as well as head admins.

If every admin joined TS as they should there'd be no need for the command.

If you're not, well you shouldn't get a say in what map gets set next anyway.




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