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CPU & Mobo Combo

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Hello everybody, I am looking to upgrade my PC, but as I was playing theese past few days I noticed that a GPU won't be a needed upgrade since my mobo and CPU are bottlenecking the shit out of eachother, I did OC my 5800k but its hot as shit, so I will look into a Motherboard and CPU combo under 250$. AMD is NOT a option here, only Intel as I have learnt my lesson, prefferably an i5, Mobo needs to be GDDR 3 compatible for my currrent 8gig (2x4gigs) GSkill ram, also the gen for the mobo shoud be above 3. Current GPU is a Sapphire R9 270 wich has served me well over the years... So if anybody woud help me figure this out for under 250$ or 250$ I woud be super thankfull, but lower woud be better since in this country everything is like 3000x more expensive than lets say the US.


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We're talking in ts3 but I'll write it here for the record... if you go with Haswell Intel (LGA 1150) you can reuse your RAM - if you go with Skylake Intel (LGA 1151) it's DDR4 and you'll need new RAM.

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