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=VG= SemlerPDX

Are you a VG Clan Member? How to show your =VG= tags on this website:

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If you are a VG Clan Member, please put on your =VG= tags.  Here's how:

Click on your Profile Name to show the drop-down box and click Account Settings



Next, click on the Display Name button on the left, and enter your Display Name (this will not change your login name!) -- add the =VG= tags BEFORE your name, and click Save

**can only be done 3 times in any  30 day period!



Thank You!



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=VG= SolarFlame1:
The problem is, some of these clan members do not have =VG= in their name.

I'm not sifting through 4000 members one at a time and putting them into the correct group. People need to help me to help them. If you are a member wear your tags and you'll get added. If you are member, wearing your tags and cannot see the admin section then PM me and I can have a look.



Please pass the word along to all members!  Help us help you!

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