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Cliffs of Dover Manual.

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Heres the manual for the game. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JG4G3K6K

Some cool stuff you can make your own ammo belts:

Secondly, you can fill up the ammo belt for each gun, forward-firing or used by
gunners. You can create a belt of any length with any combination of normal,
armour-piercing, incendiary, tracer, or other ammunition available for each
specific gun.
The ammunition in the ammo belt is cloned, that is, if you only add one round
to the belt, the entire belt will be filled up with ammo of that type. If you add
four rounds to the belt, then those four rounds will be repeated. So if you
want to load up your guns with regular ammunition with one tracer in every
three rounds, you have to create an ammo belt that contains [regular round]-
[regular round]- [tracer round].

different types of ammo
Ball: Regular no-thrills ammunition.
Armour Piercing
British .303 Observer

Not even a quarter way through but its a good read.

I know about the bugs, but in 2 weeks time they will be fixed, same thing happened in il2 sturmoivk

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