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Guest Chaz

IL-2 1946 Mods

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Guest Chaz
1) I suggest going to AllAircraftSimulations and registering. (Simple register, email activation). Need to register to get downloads.

2) Check out this IL-2 Mod guide for newbies

3) Download and install Hyperlobby. There are hundreds of IL-2 players on at one time. You can join dedicated servers or launch your own dogfight or CO-OP missions from HL.

4) As of today, the current version of IL-2 is 4.10m.

IL-2 is like the Falcon 4 of WW2 sims. Like the Falcon community, there is a lot of competition, bickering, and dick-waving between the mods currentlyavailable. The forums show it. In that IL-2 mod guide for newbies, they explain how to install the more popular mods like HSFX, Ultrapack, and SAS.

If you do not have IL-2 1946 and wish to obtain it, it is highly recommended to obtain the DVD or Direct2Drive version for mods. Steam's folder/file structure is not very mod friendly for IL-2.

Shoot me any questions, I'll try to help you. Sometimes the endless links and mods can be overwhelming.

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Guest Chaz
When it comes to mod selection, I recommend going with Ultrapack. You will get Ultrapack and HSFX in one bundle. But it's a hefty download. 4+ GB Do a YouTube search for Ultrapack/HSFX and see the differences yourself

You will need the following:

1) IL-2 1946 DVD or digital download (Direct2Drive)
*Note: DVD is 4.07m, most digital downloads (like Direct2Drive) are 4.08m
2) Patch incrementally to 4.09m. Do not jump versions
3) Install Ultrapack
3) UP has a mod enabler JSGME (which acts very similar to FreeFalcon's config editor.) You can select which mods/add-ons, effects you want to see. Very easy and safe to use.

*See this link for further details on installation: http://ultrapack.il2war.com/page/readme

With the UP installation, it has an updater that downloads mod updates and IL-2 base updates as well. very cool. As of now, 4.10m is the stock patch. None of the mods are compatible with 4.10m so you can only run IL-2 with mods as 4.09m. No big deal since most dedicated servers are still running 4.09m

Some cool features in Ultrapack/HSFX: TrackIR 6DOF, new gunfire smoke, improved damage model effects (explosions, smoke trails), improved terrain to include more 3D models of trees, buildings, etc.

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