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CCRP: Using Mark Points

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{info Post from our friend Hard-Deck}

Recently I was tying to explain to a couple friends the way I use markpoints to line up for a bombing run on a tank column using
CCRP. Here are some screenshots to show excactly what it is that I do. Hopefully, this will help anyone who may be having difficulty.

Special thanks to BOHICA for his part in putting this together.

First get yourself within the 40 mile range required by the GM radar to expand to DBS2.

Once you locate the column, hit the 7 button in the ICP labeled, "MARK". You will see,
"MARK 1, NO MARK DATA, ENTR TO SET" in the DED, (Data Entry Display).

Start by slewing the radar cursor to one end of the column and hit "ENTR" in the
ICP(Integrated Control Panel). You should see a blue X appear in the HSD where
your cursor is and the coordinates for that markpoint should also appear in the DED.

Next, hit the steerpoint cycle button, to select MARK 2, then slew the radar
cursor to the opposite end of the column and hit the "ENTR" button in the ICP again.

Finally, repeat the process, only this time placing the cursor in the center of
the column and hitting the "ENTR" button in the ICP.

Now, turn your attention to the HSD in the right MFD and fly towards the
3rd markpoint still showing in the DED. As you get closer, begin expanding the HSD
by pessing Right-OSB3.

As you get closer, expand the HSD one last time, if neccessary, and decide
which direction you need to turn to align your Viper parallel to the column.

Turning parallel...

Notice the markpoints are now aligned vertically in the HSD, now it's time
to extend, I usually go out about 25nm but only 10-12nm is really needed.

Once you turn back into the target it is important to remember to hit CZ, (Cursor Zero, Left-OSB9) to re-align the radar
with the 3rd markpoint, still showing in the DED. If you look in the HSD, you will see my No.2 pilot, BOHICA. He and I
approached the target area in formation and split as we reached our respective columns so we could each extend, already
in line with our targets. I knew that if one of us got our bombs off first, it would cause the other column to scatter, so we
coordinated with each other so that when we turned back in, we would arrive over the target area and release our bombs
at the same time. After bomb release, we were able to immediately form back up and begin our egress.

Image Downlod

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This is the Multi-Roll Training Tactical Engagement created by Hard-Deck.
It contains multiple packages, most F-16, but some F-18 and Mir-2000 packages as well.
The various packages cover a variety of roles, munitions, and objectives.
All "targets" are BLUFOR friendlies, and therefore pose no threat to the player(s) simulating
live fire test ranges. The theater is standard Belkins.

The download file Multi-Role Training.rar contains two files; Multi-Roll Training.tac and Readme.txt
The readme includes instructions for those not familiar with placing a saved tactical
engagement into the proper folder for it to be used in game.

The CCRP mission used for the training example in this thread is one of the packages in this training op.

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