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Im Back On The Falcon Crack!

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After having tons of fun wreaking havoc in DCS:A-10C for the past few months I am now back to my regularly flying regime of Falcon (for now at least !winks ). Had some great missions tonight with many old and new pilots. Got a great screen cap and it is also now my new desktop.

See you all on the flightline!

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Same here. I suspected that I still knew how to fly an F-16C. Took down a Mig-29 and though I missed most of an armored column with my Mk-20D's, I did manage to destroy 2 BMP's.
Should have stopped there....next mission I unknowingly bombed a Korean temple and was promptly Courtmarshaled after landing.

Gonna stick with Falcon 4:AF and flying F-16's for awhile before trying FF5 and it's many different jets.
Good times, though, Bones! We'll do it again soon! !cp

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