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I have been playing with Falcon since it first appeared on the Mac...Damn that was a long time ago..

Anyway...the last time I REALLY played around with Falcon was when Falcon 4 came out with a Notebook...which was its first release.....

Now given the time that has passed and the numerous amount of mods out there...it has become almost as complicated as ARMA 2 to just get the game configured to play anyone...SO.....

Can you guy post a "STANDARD" list of programs and mods that should be installed (in order of course) for



and any other configuration that is useful..I would like to get flying again.

And a list of programs that is needed to configure pits and skins...Speaking of which I have a tail skin that I have saved since Falcon 4.0...anychance I could get that put into F4AF...its arkansas national guard with a Razorback on the tail....i think its cool...

Thanks Guys..

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I also would like to know exactly what order of what programs/mods to install to get airborne with =VG= in Free Falcon. Just got my TrackIR and looking to get into combat flight sim in a big way.

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Guest Chaz
Reference Veterans Gaming download section

Falcon 4 AF:

1. Install F4AF
2. Apply patch 1.0.13 (Get it here)

1. HiTiles
2. Skunkworks 2 mod
3. VGAF Digital Skin (full)

FreeFalcon 5.5

1. FreeFalcon 5.5 installer
2. FreeFalcon 5.53 patch
3. Run ConfigEditor.exe

1. Free Falcon 5.5 Cockpit Pack (HIGHLY recommended)
2. VGFF Digital Skin (full)
3. Aeyes cockpits (payware)

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I've got F4:AF installed, and now patched. About the pre-FF5 "optionals", are they cumulative over to FF5, or should I not bother if my final goal is mainly to fly in FF5? Specifically with regards to the sound packs..

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