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some PR screenshots!

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I have some too :)

1. Submarine Humvee on korengal. Humvee was whole time still intact. 50 calibre was useable.
2. The motherfukkers hit my helo. No survivors
3. Missile away!!!
4. Bo and dingos looking great on korengal. Bo isnt overpowered. Dingos rules.
5. First mind i saw that : Never jump headover in an pool without enough water (is that a bottle under his right arm?)

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Pssst...Eclipse... the last screenie is from AIX!

But a nice screenie. Never played dragon_Valley_moon.
WAIT ... dont Move. Fastjack have an stroke of genius.

"Falllllllujaaaaaaah Midnight" Will see how it looks.
Ok, vehicle thermal works but not the nvg's.

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