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Old screenshots that I never uploaded for some reason.

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As the title says, these happen to be some VERY old screenshots I took and forgot about.
Some funny, some are just completely random.

Little weird vase up there for some reason, sure you guys have all seen it :D

Triplet of Marksmans, I think Badploy uploaded his own screenie too.

Probably the closest win I've ever had... :|

CC's Zombie mod, was fun when we first tried it out.

Dman having a little fun with his grenadier squad on Ramiel :)

I AM SINKING!! (or however you say it in Arabic)

Hey mate wondering if you wanna grab some dinn... HOLY SHIT!

The is the "Swim-only" LAV

Notice the little Froggy in the back there?? :D
IHarryXx-Resized Images

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