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ARMA ACE/ACRE mission 2/6 by Charry

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Hi guys here are the first informations about the situation:

"Objective", "Destroy the AA and proceed to the pilot and rescue him."

"Situation", "Our new PH-61 Prototype helicopter was shot down by a mobile AA near of our Base. We will destroy the AA to get some CAS and MEDEVAC and than we will rescue the pilot. Our Rainbow-1 Scout Team will first fly to the Mountains near the zone where the AA is excepted. After the Rainbow-1 Team scouted the AA the will call in for the 107th Airhawks Infantry Squad. The squad will drive in a convoy through Zargabed and proceed until they arrive at the area from where they will go on foot. After they destroyed the AA, MEDEVAC and CAS will be allowed. We will except that many Tangos will be near of the Crashsite. So we will not be able to pick the pilot and his crew with a big helicopter. Due this we have to send the Rainbow-1 Team to the Crashsite with a Little Bird to give the pilot a better protection and take care of wounds etc.. The 107th will proceed to the Crashsite and secure the area. When the area is cleared. We have to destroy the wrack because we DON'T want the enemy to gather the informations."

"Friendly Forces", "
-Rainbow-1 Scout Team

-107th Airhawks Infantry Squad

-67th Baker Airsquadron"

"Intelligence", "Enemy forces: Afghan Army, Weaponrey: AK47,FAL and RPGs, Squad Sizes: Not Known"

please keep in mind that this is my first big mission and i'm not the oldest one to know everything about the damn army! so please don't be too hard to me but be kritikal.

the mission is a funreal one so the happening can?t be compared to any conflict now.

it will be in hot afghanistan where the war has begun and so on.

Mission: Tango don't surf
Date: 29.05.2013
Location: Balkh, Afghanistan

also i need some guys to test my mission

Tacticalmap will follow... :D

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looking good, though im a nerd for realism and the names of the units arn't doing it for me :P haha, but thats me being anal.

just one thing, im a tad confused in the order things are going to happen? (it's been a long day so maybe its just me lol) and what will the callsign for the 107th be? seeing as we can't really call over the name of a regiment over the radio lol.

just some little things to improve your mission making and atmospheric building-upness skills lol :)

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Are there any mods required for this mission? Also it should be tested on the server as well so if you like send me the mission when you are ready and I'll upload it to the server.

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yeah the mods will be exactly the same like calv postet earlier

Server Mod List:
@acex_sm (Sound Mod Optional)
@asr_rh_m4_ace (These three make the weapon packs ACE compatible)
@asr_rh_mgs_ace (As Above)
@blakes_pins (Optional: Allows use of FLIR cam and laser while piloting aircraft.)
@blastcore_visuals (Optional)
@eod (Allows Ambient IED and Suicide Bombers, plus adds Thor III jamming backpack)
@jsrs (Sound Mod Optional)
@RH_M4 (Weapon Pack)
@RH_MGS (Weapon Pack)
@sthud (Adds team member location hud element - essential for good teamwork)
@st_lb_enhance (Allows weapons to be fired from Little Bird skids)
@stmovement (Reduces likelihood of weapons getting "caught" in doorways/on obstacles.)
@yup_uh60 (Better Blackhawk models)

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no not really. and i don't really know when we are going to play it cause calv wants to end his campaign. i'm thinking to do it on a friday...

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