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Arma Editing Thread

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Since getting stuck deep in the well of information overload that is Arma editing, I'm creating this thread to post any and all links relating to editing / mod / mission creation. It seems that anything you want to do in Arma has been done before it's just a matter of finding it or figuring out the syntax.

This is a WIP and more content/links will be added over . Please if you know of any good resources or want to share your own stuff post it here!!

Arma 2 actually has a 3D editor built in - press Alt-E at the main menu and you will get a 3D option in the editor.

NOOBS START HERE - two PDF manuals you need to download and read BEFORE TRYING ANYTHING!!


Squint - a must-have editor for Arma files (.sqf, .sqs. .ext, and so on)

Excellent youtube video series on the Arma Editor:

More advance video tutorials:


BIS Official Arma2 Editing

BI Wiki - messy but has some decent info

List of YouTube videos

More videos from a TG member

Armaholic Forums - Addon Editing

Armaholic Forums - Mission Editing

Armaholic Forums - Scripting

Armaholic Forums - Basic SQF Scripting Guide

Question and Answer Section of Armaholics

Question and Answer - ARMASTACK

List of Weapon Classes

A library of all available weapons, units, vehicles, warfare buildings and buildings on both Arma 2 islands

Config Browser for all objects including ACE

List of Scripting Commands

Script Examples

Code Examples and Hints

Beginner's Guide to Array Functions

Beginner's Guide to Event Handlers

Kelly's Heroes Editing Resources

OFPEC Resources - Editors Depot

OFPEC Resources - Command Reference A-Z

**note that OFPEC Resources also contain info for Operation Flashpoint editing as well - make sure you are looking at the right section for your version of Arma**

Custom in-game logos and squad.xml


Interesting Stuff


Creates custom ammo crates:

ACE Documentation

Other random Arma 2 Editing Forums:


Have not tried yet but looked cool:


Waypoints Explained:




When copying and pasting objects in the editor, you can press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste them onto a new mission in the same position on the map that they were in the previous mission, provided it's the same map.
Ctrl+V will only paste the objects relative to the mouse position.
Use Ctrl+X to delete a large selection of objects: Much faster than the Delete key!



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Multiplayer Scripting

Trigger Conditions:

countdown delays the reaction of a trigger for a certain length of time, determined by the min, max and mid values. thus if the triggering unit walks into the area then leaves, the trigger will fire after the countdown is complete, regardless of whether the triggering unit is present or not.

timeout requires that the condition of the trigger must be met for a certain length of time, determined by the min, max and mid values. thus if the triggering unit walks into the area then leaves before the timeout is complete, the trigger will not fire.


Creating a group name
Grp1 = group this;

Stops Radio messages: enemy tank 200m when you cant even see it!
enableRadio false;

Activating objective one in a trigger:
Condition: !(alive unit1)
On activ: "1" ObjStatus "Done"; ob1 = true

Adding a Group to Cargo + making the group so they wont flee
{_x moveincargo truck} ForEach units group this;
{_x allowfleeing 0} foreach units group this;

Start at a height:
this setpos [getpos this select 0,getpos this select 1, 75];
unit will spawn at 75 m in the air

Setting a Group Identity
this setgroupId ["Juliet Four Six","groupcolor0"];

Placing a object flat to the ground
this setvectorup [0,0,1];

Make Civilians Enemy Add this to the init.
Civilian setFriend [west, 0]; Civilian setFriend [east, 1];
west setFriend [Civilian, 0]; east setFriend [Civilian, 1];

To make an Object facing a random 360 degrees e.g. a wreck
this setDir (Random 360);

Adding a Weapon to the cargo of a truck/ammo crate.
_truck addWeaponCargo ["M16A4",5];
This will add 5 M16A4s to the cargo hold

Triggers That Only Triggers if you are a ground unit! (Planes or helicopters wont trigger it)
Condition: "Land" counttype thislist > 0;

Flag On Flag Pole:
FLAGPOLE setFlagTexture "Flagfilename";

Burning fire:
OBJECT inFlame true/false;

To make a unit stand up and stay up type:
Unitname setUnitPos "UP";

To make a unit prone/laydown and stay down type:
Unitname setUnitPos "Down";

To make a unit kneel and stay kneeling type:
Unitname setUnitPos "Middle";

Hint message
hint "blabla";

Radio Message
Unitname sidechat "bla bla bla";

Make unit take no damage
this allowDamage false
unitname addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { 0 }]

Unlimited Ammo
unitname addEventHandler ["Fired", { (_this select 0) setVehicleAmmo 1 }]
Only works if you do not assign other weapons to the unit (ie: removeAllWeapons, addWeapon, etc).

Unlimited Fuel
unitname addEventHandler ["Fuel", { (_this select 0) setFuel 1 }]
Fuel will only refill when tank is completely empty

Add weapons/items to unit
this addWeapon "Binocular"
this addWeapon "M9_SD"
if you are adding weapons to a unit add the magazines first then weapon, otherwise you will start with an empty weapon and have to reload

Shutting every door within a radius - needs to go in the init line of a Game Logic
0 = [getpos this,300] spawn { sleep 1; { private "_b"; _b = _x; for "_i" from 0 to 7 do { _b animate ["dvere" + str _i,1] }; } foreach ((_this select 0) nearobjects (_this select 1)) }

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Here's a cool teleport I found when I couldn't find Savage to get his. This is great for editing in 2D map, as when you go to preview the map, you can move anywhere without reloading the preview.

This allows you to click on the map while in preview and teleport anywhere.

The file is an .rar containing an init.sqf and the script file teleport.sqf, and a text file with the Initialization line that you must copy and paste into your unit's init field.

Contact me if you have any questions!

Make a script file in notepad called "init.sqf" that has this line:
execVM "Teleport.sqf";

Make a script file in notepad called "Teleport.sqf" that has these lines:
if!(local player) exitWith{};<br />hintSilent "Click anywhere on the Map you wanna Teleport to";<br />openMap [true, true];<br />onMapSingleClick "vehicle player setPos _pos;openMap [false, false];true;"; <br />sleep 1;<br />hintSilent "";

Then, open editor, load your map, and bring up the "Edit Unit" menu for your primary player unit on the map. Write this into his Initialization field:
this addAction["Teleport","Teleport.sqf"];


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This blew my mind. I can't believe I've been doing all this without it!

EDIT: so I guess there's no way to embed an iframe into our website, BLuD? I am a bit of a noob with html, and such. I only know "vg forums" format well.

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OMG! That is the COOLEST thing ever! It generates a .sqf file that is written in Arma scripting language for you, and you just choose the crap you want in the box from drop down lists on that webpage.

How easy is that?!?! !2cool

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Guest AirborneAlways
SavageCDN =VG= LAN_WROTE ...

VG Mission Template v2

Might as will take this link out of the original post unless there is a replacement for it. !alcoh

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I hate trying to make sandbag walls or hescos line up in the darn Arma 2 mission editor. I googled for a wall generator, but only found one example, for Arma 1, and it didn't work.

So, I wrote this. Not much less tedious than placing walls in the editor, clicking preview, then going back and adjusting, then preview again. Over and over.

At least this way, you end up with an exactly straight wall ready to use in any mission you create forever. Can be copied between different missions without issue.

Again, it's slightly complicated procedure, but it is well worth it. At least I think so - hope others do, too.


Snippets from my ReadMe file:
COPY "VGStraightWalls.sqf" to your misson folder and PASTE THESE TWO ACTIONS TO YOUR PLAYER IN EDITOR:

this addAction ["BIS_DEBUG_CAM (right click to exit)","camera.sqs"];<br />this addAction ["<t color='#DBA901'>VG Straight Wall</t>",<br />"VGStraightWalls.sqf",(["Land_HBarrier_large",4,-0.1,0])];<br />

(NOTE: You DO NOT NEED the script "camera.sqs" to use it. Every mission has it, it's invisible!!)

Variables Meanings in the addAction syntax:
this addAction [action, script filename,<br />["wallType", numberOfWalls, distanceBetweenCorrection, straightAlignmentCorrection];<br />

Example Class Names of Barriers: "Land_fort_bagfence_long" "Base_WarfareBBarrier10xTall" "Land_HBarrier_large"

First, decide on a wall type, and number of walls. Adjust the "addAction" variables to suit your needs.
Now, place a dummy barrier on the map for each wall section you want. Give them sequential names.
i.e. "MyWall_1", "MyWall_2", "MyWall_3", etc... placed anywhere, random. Doesn't matter. (see final step)
*see full instructions in mission demo!

Click Preview, and load in.
Move anywhere and select the "Create Straight Wall" action.
When done, it saves the positions of each wall to your clipboard.

Exit the preview, save your mission, close down Arma, open up a notepad/wordpad and paste (ctrl + v) your wall position data.
it may look like this:


Very long, hard to read!!!
Start making it easier by pressing enter after each comma ( , )
like this:

positions copied = [<br />posWallSection1 = [4391.23,10408.8,0.00143433],<br />posWallSection2 = [4399.93,10409.3,0.00143433],<br />posWallSection3 = [4408.62,10409.8,0.00143433],<br />posWallSection4 = [4417.31,10410.3,0.00143433],<br />posWallSection5 = [4426.01,10410.8,0.00143433],<br />posWallSection6 = [4434.7,10411.3,0.00143433],<br />posWallSection7 = [4443.4,10411.8,0.00143433]]

For "MyWall_1", I would copy just the numbers from posWallSection1: 4391.23,10408.8,0.00143433
and paste it over the old ones in my mission.sqm file like this (just FIND "MyWall" and it lists all of them):

class Item126<br />{<br />    position[]={4391.23,10408.8,0.00143433}; <--Overwrite these numbers<br />    azimut=150.18291;<br />    id=165;<br />    side="EMPTY";<br />    vehicle="Base_WarfareBBarrier10xTall";<br />    leader=1;<br />    lock="LOCKED";<br />    skill=0.73333329;<br />    text="MyWall_1";<br />};

Do this for each wall section you created. Paste the new pos into it's respective wall class item entry.
It may be tedious to use this method to create a straight wall, but this is the MOST exact way to do it.

Load Arma into the mission editor, and load your mission.
You should see your new wall, instead of all the random wall placeholders you put down earlier.
Now you can drag and select the entire wall, and move it to wherever you want.

Feel free to copy the wall, and place several more. You can shorten it by deleting some of it's parts.
Though the new names of the barriers will get longer and more odd in format (such as "MyWall_2_1_5_2"),
it should not affect anything negatively in your mission.
You can alleviate this by deleting the names of each barrier and saving your mission before copying the entire
wall for further uses. Remember, you can copy (Ctrl+C) any number of objects from one mission to another inside the editor.

When copying and pasting objects in the editor, you can press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste them onto a new mission in the same position on the map that they were in the previous mission, provided it's the same map.
Ctrl+V will only paste the objects relative to the mouse position.
Use Ctrl+X to delete a large selection of objects: Much faster than the Delete key!

-Hope this helps someone; tried googling it, but only came up with a non-functioning SQS for Arma 1, so I wrote this.
I sure hate trying to manually make straight walls myself!

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I am going to work on updating the VG mission template so that others will have an easier time creating missions. I'm even thinking of doing a few 'classes' with anyone who might be interested in learning Arma editing.

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Okay, recently a good friend, Tankmaster, asked me if it was possible make his own Arma 2 server on his machine, and if he could then log into it as it's Admin. This is a good question, the answer is YES, and it is very easy to do.

First of all, our reference for this will be the server.cfg page of the BI Studios A2 Wiki: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg

*editors should build a list of bookmarks to pages such as this, and refer to them often when needed.

Step 1: Create your own Dedicated Server on your (any) PC

- Navigate to your Arma 2 Program Folder and find "Arma2OAserver"
- For simplicity, I will have you Right-Click on it and "Send To -> Desktop"
- Now, Right-Click on the new Desktop Shortcut of "Arma2OAserver" and select "Properties"
- Under the Shortcut Tab at the top, look for Target ending in \arma2oaserver.exe"
- Place Cursor (Left-Click) just after the " in target, to write more things after it
- You will now write: -server.cfg

(this merely tells the program that when it loads, we want it to create its server based on a file called server.cfg, which we will place into the Arma 2 Program folder)

- Now you can make your file based on this example, the VG server config file template, or make one from scratch using notepad or Notepad++ (just saveAs the file as server.cfg)

Usable Sample: servercfg.rar

-Open the server.cfg file and note the lines you can edit - Name, Password, Admin Password, etc. I have added some notations in the sample, NOVICE EDITORS - it will point out some stuff that is important and stuff that won't matter for your in a private, non-public passworded server includes anti-cheat settings, mission rotation, etc.

-Set a server password if desired, but be sure to set Admin Password - it is case sensitive!

-When done editing your cfg, save and exit. The file should be placed in the Arma 2 Program Folder (same folder that contains the arma2oaserver.exe that we made a shortcut out of)

-Now, return to the desktop and double-click (launch) your arma2oaserver - Shortcut icon to start the server up

**You may need to configure your home network devices (Modem/router) to have the default server port open for your friends to see this new server in the Multiplayer list. Default port is 2302 - in Router/Modem you would select Port Forwarding, and forward the UDP Port 2302 to the IP of your Server PC on your home network. If this is your same gaming PC, that is just fine, too.

Step 2: Launch your "Client" Arma 2 - Go back to Desktop and Load the game like normal

- When you go to MultiPlayer, look for the name of your server in the list, or use Filters to find it faster - Join your server.

Step 3: Select Missions and Select "Login" or open chat and type: #login ExamplePasswordToBecomeAdmin

- Now you can select a mission (missions that show up on Multiplayer list are found under MPMissions folder in Arma 2 Programs folder)
- Once loaded, you can set parameters as long as you are logged in as Admin
- As admin, there will be no countdown timer to launch, and if you as Admin launch, all others will be forced to launch from the main menu

Step 4: Use any of the Server Console Commands from the BI Studios A2 Wiki: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Server_Commands

- A good one for system monitoring: #Monitor 5
- It shows FPS data. The number is how often it refreshes - zero is off. To turn it off, #Monitor 0

*another good link to bookmark

Have fun and good luck! Feel free to contact me or Savage with any questions! !hi

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I've been messing around with the Arma 3 Eden editor and pretty much getting used to 3D editor itself so I can make a mission or something. and I've noticed that some cool stuff came with the Apex DLC. It's already known that VTOL is kinda OP (pretty much Osprey with AC-130 guns) but there is also vehicle transport variable. That thing can carry up to two cars and from what I found out today, it can hold AMV-7 Marshall. Just imagine dropping few of those in mid air and see how they are falling down with a parachute behind enemy lines,, yikes! Anyway, I posted a short video on YouTube with 2 guerilla jeep dropoff in enemy teritory so you can check it out yourselfsif you want to. 


Link:   https://youtu.be/qkz775wEhfY


Ps. you'll see that I got some error messages with the custom chat conversation I made. It's kinda later (3am) and couldn't figure out the way to fix it. If you got any idea I'd be more than grateful

arma3 2016-07-16 02-44-42-67.jpg


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