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Falcon BMS 4.34 How to Connect: Online Campaign with IVC Enabled

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How to connect to the VG Falcon BMS 4.34 Server Campaign with IVC Enabled


NOTE:  The Minimum Client Bandwidth Requirement is now 1500 as of March 25th 2018
NOTE:  Our IP Address has changed!  As of September 2017, the new VG BMS Server IP is:
ALSO NOTE:  The server will now be 64-bit Version -- All players must launch with 64-bit BMS!

IVC is the amazing comms system used by Falcon BMS. It functions in game very similar to the UHF and VHF Radios onboard many modern aircraft, has preset channels covering specific frequencies, and allows for custom channels to be set for private communications. The COMMS Hat on the Throttle Quadrant of the F-16 has a UHF and VHF Transmit button, altogether working in a familiar way like Push to Talk on a VOIP Server like TeamSpeak 3. It has been around for awhile, and many players have gotten used to it - so much so that TS3 isn't even needed (being mostly modeled with the in-game comms system).

Things have changed slightly for IVC use in Falcon BMS 4.34, for complete audio device selection options, IVC should be launched prior to launching the game, and the IP must be entered in-game under the Comms tab for the Server IVC prior to joining the Campaign Server as shown below.  If you use Default Windows Audio Device for IVC (and BMS), you do not need to launch IVC prior to launching BMS.

Here are the steps, with pictures to help bridge the language barrier.

Current Server Version:  4.34



*Bypass Step 1 if you are using Windows Default Audio Device for both IVC and BMS: go to Step 2

Step 1:*
Launch the 4.34 IVC Client Software via the BMS 4.34 Main Launcher or the application found in the folder shown

-You do not need to enter the IP here, or your Nickname
-Ensure your Audio Devices are properly set as desired


You can just minimize the IVC window

*images shown use my file path for a 2nd hard drive - use the proper file paths for your PC

Step 2:
Ensure 64-bit is selected in the BMS 4.34 Main Launcher, and click Launch at the top:


*images shown use my file path for a 2nd hard drive - use the proper file paths for your PC

Step 3:
Click on COMMS along the top, and create an entry for VETERANS-GAMING just like the image below.

-Enter IP into 'Connect to IP Address':
-Connection Bandwidth must be 1500
-IVC Enable and IVC Automatic Gain Control must be green (active)
-Dedicated IVC Server IP must be entered here

-Click SAVE to add the entry to your COMMS Book.

-Click CONNECT when finished


Step 4:
Once connection is established, click on CAMPAIGN along the top



Step 5:
Select the Airbase on the map on the right - click the one circled, Seosan Airbase.

(fly here, or fly at busy airbases at your discretion, see list below)
-Ensure 120th Squadron is highlighted in green
-Click COMMIT ONLINE on the bottom right


Step 6:
Do not change anything on the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Window, just click OK at the bottom right


Step 7:
You are now in the server, your physical location is Seosan, South Korea and you are required to assign yourself your own mission(s). You can even task AI Flights to support you, or attach yourself to an AI Flight or Human Flight somewhere in the world. At the top of the screen, the COMMS Tab will show you any other pilots on the server - you can text message here or once in game you can press Shift + T to text chat (useful for IVC setup and troubleshooting).

As the Fragging of Flights is a subject all it's own, you will need to watch tutorial(s) on YouTube for instructions if you do not know how.

Special Note:  You can see now that Falcon flight packages can be assigned to do most anything in the digital war, but remember: This is NOT Command & Conquer or Wargame!  DO NOT frag AI flights to accomplish player goals!  You may frag AI flights to support you on your specific mission, within reason (do not assign 12 AI aircraft to protect you on a deep strike just for extra cover, for example).  The complex way that the AI frags it's own flights to support the proper flow of the online campaign depends on us not messing with it too much.  The VG BMS Campaign is an attempt to balance the AI war with needed Human interaction, we have specifically grounded certain AI squadrons to allow players to take on a more active role in certain parts of the war.  Please respect these rules on our server and thank you for flying with us!


Either of these tutorials will give you the skills you need; watching both may benefit you by covering bits here and there that the other one may have missed or glossed over, and may give you a better understanding of the entire concept.

How to Add a Package and Frag Flights from the Mission Schedule Screen of a Campaign:

(by BloodBane611)






(by Krause)






For advanced users and CMR Pilots, we have various aircraft to fly. This is not a complete list of all squadrons at these airbases, only the player squadrons (not fragged by HQ):

600th FS  F-16CM-52
908th TS KC-135 (AI Controlled/HQ Fragged)*
910th TS KC-10 (AI Controlled/HQ Fragged)*
*to be used (not flown) by players for AAR support in missions

80th FS -- F-16CM Block 40
601st FS -- F-16CM Block 52
602nd FS -- KF-16CM Block 52

Carrier VINSON
603rd FS -- F/A-18C
604th FS -- F/A-18E

36th FS -- F-16CM Block 40
203rd FS -- AV-8B Harrier
203rd FS -- AV-8B+ Harrier
405th FS -- F/A-18C Hornet
605th FS -- F-16CM Block 52
606th FS -- KF-16CM Block 52

120th -- KF-16CM Block 52
157th -- KF-16CM Block 52
607th -- F-16CM Block 52
608th -- KF-16CM Block 52



On 11/13/2015 at 11:00 AM, Brain said:

In addition to the excellent guide I'd like to mention:

-You *may* need to forward ports 2934-2937 to your PC or the server will keep rejecting your connection.
A minimum upload speed of 1mbps is required. Do a speed test to Kansas and see if your connection is fast enough.

- IVC needs additional ports forwarded: 9987-9989. Some appear to have skipped that when setting up for BMS. Check your router configs when in doubt.
- Running the Falcon BMS.exe as admin, located in /bin/x86 can help if communication between BMS and IVC gets interrupted by some stupid Windows security feature (like in my case).

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You may need to forward ports 2934-2937 to your PC or the server will keep rejecting your connection.
A minimum upload speed of 1mbps is required. Do a speed test to Kansas and see if your connection is fast enough.

Also, please make sure you understand how to create and join flights properly before you enter the VG campaign. You're likely to run into problems or break things if you don't!

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