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Great flights tonight guys!! Here's some shots of the smoking carnage in the background after a hot-pit refuel. JB in frame. (pic 1)

Pic 2: Blud, Jisoku and JB in front (carnage still smokin') !thx

Pic 3: In formation back to homebase.


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Thursday night flights:

Blud, Harlequin and me on SEAD Strike



We all made it back safely, mission failed as we went for targets other than ours.

Harlequin and me on an OCA Strike, 2 Bridges


Ready to leave

All went good to target steerpoint, I release my JDAM's and HOLY MOLY

During egress and 65miles from RTB we encountered a flight of MIG's outbound from friendly territory. They were NOSE HOT and bearing down on us but were not firing.

I had them lock and ready to splash and all the sudden I hear "What are your crazy??", then Harlequin yells "EVASIVE MANEUVERS, I just fired on you"....................... and the rest is history, I blowed up before I could pull the silk.....

Merry Christmas everyone. I love this SHIT.


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I'm so ashamed...

Sorry again RAM. F'n awesome shots though. Love the JDAM/Bridge pic!! Great fun last night.

Jisoku's mission was unreal. Too bad his BMS crashed just as we were 10 mi from target (200 ft above the water, radar silent, screaming at 580+ kts and MIGS all around us). I wanna try again tonight!! Jisoku... you should try making up a TE of last nights setup... guys are going to love it.

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