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Joint Operation Planning, development and signup tool

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So taking the initiative to get some joint op shizle going I've sorta grown tired of running between 3 sets of webpages, and I have a better idea in mind but it requires two things.

1. Some sort of programmer probably web based
2. Someone involved who could host this app / site

The basic concept is for us to get a better tool and get rid 3 signup pages, also lets me slack off a lot more.

The process I'm going through right now is slightly time consuming.

1. Find a mission idea of some sort
2. Pester the regular people in the clans involved, check interest and get feedback
3. Find commander
4. Find date

Now while this does not sound like a lot of work it does take some time to get sorted out.
However I feel like we can stream line the process even further to keep up the steam we have and make it easier on us getting to what we all enjoy.
The actual game.

What I want is two sets of users, admins and users.

Admins will:

Setup events change descriptions / briefing / start votes

Users and non users will:

Be able to browse all events, info about them and vote for the days that suits them best.

So to go through steps again.

1. Mission
2. Post concept / idea ( visible to public or only to admin not decided yet, I want some feedback on that)
3. Dates are lined up a long time ahead and users / admins can vote on days that suit them, when the development / testing process of a mission is done the day with the highest attendence is chosen.
4. The commander as well as the rest of the slots are filled in after this.

What this gives us is a better and faster way to setup joint operations, the concept is fairly clear to me but the inner workings are not.
Hence I'm posting it here.

And lastly thanks to you lot making it happen, I just pester you enough to remind you that you want some joint operation action as well :p

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SavageCDN =VG= LAN_WROTE ...

We can surely provide the hosting... try and speak to SolarFlame about this ..he's probably the best bet.

Cheers buddy, will try and track him down.

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