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BMS 4.2 install

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Still trying to install BMS 4.32. At times it gives me the check for updates or uninstall BMS from this computer. now and then I get the install screen, a statement box comes up and says" the folder your are trying to install BMS in is not empty do you stll wish to install it" asks where Falcon 4 lies and the procees to install, When it gets to part 8 another box shows up it states " (box title} installing 4.32 base part 8-(message) Cannot create file c:\falcon BMS 4.32\user\config\setup.ver acess is denied" and then freezes.
I went through dnloads, Run BMS 4.32 files and deleted anything that is related to BMS also ran Win 7 uninstall program as far as I know right now all BMS files and previous versions are no longer on my computer. DNloaded BMS 4 and updates again 5/5/12 12:50 pm. but need some help to install just the basic BMS can any out there who is familar with the in/outs of win 7 help me. I have left the fresh installs in the down load file of win 7, have not touched them so it will be a fresh install I hope I'm a 6 year XP guy and have only had win 7 for 2 months and it sucks. I tried the BMS folder idea in previous reply but got the install errors above so still confused as what is happening. I have T3 set up so if anyone can shoot me a time and date I can be on.

WeakLink- Now you know why my callsign is WeakLink -lol !help

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do you have the original falcon 4.0 game? You know that you need to point BMS to the Falcon 4.0 .exe during the install or it won't install?

1. http://www.veterans-gaming.com/download.php?view.148

2. http://www.veterans-gaming.com/download.php?view.134

3. http://www.veterans-gaming.com/download.php?list.93

Just follow the read me's step by step. Let me know how it goes.

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