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Hey guys!

I've tried to download EOD today. I downloaded both the server and client Exe, i also downloaded the hotfix.

But every time i try to start a game (on singleplayer) the game just close down?

what have I done wrong?!

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1. EoD 2.0 Client EXE Game Installer

2. EoD 2.0 Client Levels Installer

3. EoD 2.0 Hotfix

How to "install" the Hotfix
(Download the file attached at the link that follows these instructions. Save it to a known location upon your computer. Once downloaded. Navigate to your BF2 Mod Folder, specifically, your EoD Mod folder.
Typically, you can find it here:
C:Program Files/EA Games/Battlefield 2/Mods/EoD (Replace the "C" with the default drive letter of where you have your game installed.)
Once you are at your EoD Mod folder. Go into the EoD Mod folder and find the "Objects" folder.
Inside the Objects folder you will see the "weapons_server.zip" Delete this zip file and/or rename it to another name.
Copy, Drag/Drop the downloaded new zip file you just got into the Objects folder. (If you did not delete or rename the current zip file. Windows will ask you if you want to replace the current file. Answer yes, but it is best to delete or remove the current file.)
Once this has been done.. Come join a server!

Good luck !
Hope it works now for you, join our Server, i am not sure but heard, that there are problems on Single player...maybe just rumors !crazy

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