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Arma 3 - Insurgency MIssion test

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Testing a new version of Insurgency by AndroKiller. Server is up and running now. We will do an 'official' test run
Saturday at 7pm GMT

VETERANS-GAMING | Insurgency Test |
port 2412

no password

Required Mods:

Mission Outline

1. Destroy 7 caches in total

3 types of cache

?Type A? will spawn in built up areas, 3 will spawn in total

?Type B? will not spawn in built up areas but in open areas and are somewhat hidden(so a cunt to find), 3 will spawn in total

?Type C? aka the super cache this is the motherload of all the caches and is super hidden can spawn anywhere on the map but will not spawn in built up areas

2. Intel for cache locations and finding cache locations

Informants (random civilians)

These will spawn in towns randomly and will be hidden amongst other civilians in the towns. Upon approaching and informant the player will get the option to receive a tip off on a ?Type A? enemy cache location. 3 informants will spawn given a location for
each ?Type A? cache

Enemy outposts

These will be static known NME outpost which will spawn intel on ?Type A? cache locations, however only 2 pieces of intel can spawn giving the location of 2 cache locations

How to find ?Type B? cache

These caches will have no intel for them however will always be guarded so to find them you must survey the landscape for a group of NME, best method will be doing surveillance with a helicopter or UAV which has a thermal imaging camera.

How to find a ?Type C? cache

This cache is not guarded so the method of surveillance will be next to impossible to find it. So to find you have 2 methods.

Method 1 is to gather intel which can spawn in 1 of the ?Type B? caches.

Method 2 is to find the high ranking leader of the insurgents bring him back to base alive and do some shit to him to get intel out of him.

The intel from Method 2 will give the player a better general location of where the ?Type C' cache has spawned, than in Method 1.

3. Enemy Forces

The insurgents will mimic the Taliban and will be the major force in the mission

Iranians aka Terminators will be the regular CSAT units but will mental AI skill and will also blow themselves up if u get to close, these will be a very small force mission.

Hidden Enemy aka improvised explosive Devices (IED), these will spawn roadside in the mission and will be moderate in amount.

4. Friendly Forces

A Company Size of regular infantry of which include engineers and medics and ???.

Pilots either Pre-assigned or all units have ability to Fly

Special Forces only 4 units available, these units are able to roam around without raising enemy suspicion due to they are ?undercover?. There undercover status will be revoked upon killing an enemy or capturing the NME high ranking leader.

5. Mission Execution

You can go in guns blazing and kill every Motherfucker on the map and search towns with no intel

You can still go gun blazing but focusing efforts on seizing intel at the enemy outposts while plus searching towns for informants and caches but will result in combat thus the informants will flee.

Or you can use the Special Forces units which can operate in towns without drawing the attention of the enemy thus resulting in that the informants will not flee and plus I can search also for the High ranking insurgent leader however once the unit is captured the Special Force units will results in deemed hostile to the insurgents.

Please post up if you can make it - start time is flexible

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Thanks to those who helped out test on Friday... if there is interest we can do another round next Friday (or suggest another date/time) as Androkiller will have fixes and updates to the mission.

Any comments from those who did try it out? I think if the performance is tweaked for smoother FPS it will help a lot.. too many units on the map at once. I like the fact you need to interrogate civs in order to gain intel instead of getting magic suitcases, although if we can figure out some way to prevent them from running away (or at least slow them down).

My suggestions:
- get rid of VAS if possible - add preset loadouts or some other method - lot more work however especially for multiple addon versions of the mission (more of a personal preference)
- if keeping VAS add suppressors back in (probably in config file they are 'blacklisted')
- when playing as SAS undercover if you kill an enemy the rest of the group doesn't react (I know it's probably due to being setCaptive or something) - not sure if there is a way to have the group react (set their combat mode?) yet still 'ignore' the SAS players
- I forgot - was there an MHQ? Would you consider adding one?
- have a vanilla version of the mission (ie: just alive, cba, fata) at first... easier to test and troubleshoot... modded versions (UK units, SF weapons, etc) can come later

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