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Looking to join

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Hello all,

I was looking to join the VG clan, yet the link in recruiting is not allowing me to post to it. I have been in the VG coop server a while and have played a few other games as well. I have talked to a few members and they said some great things about the clan and I have given great thought to the commitment.

I am always on TS in the channel, and admin on the VG coop server and always willing to help people out when in need. Most people know me as m823us on coop and a lot of people have difficulty saying it, I admit it is a different name, but I made it up over 20 years ago and I have grown fond of it. The easiest way is m-eight and I'll respond to pretty much anything.

I have many hours logged on in the TS channel and more on PR. I play COH, Minecraft, and I'm on steam with a lot of people that I have met through VG.

I tried to start the Summer series event and was glad I had gathered enough of an audience so someone would notice and the event that we had went with great success. I'm always on TS where people ask me to help out and I try to do the best I can, I try to be a fair and honest player in the gaming lifestyle. I look a lot and try to secure the situation and make sure that what was said is what really happened in the game before responding to the admin call. I have banned a lot of people, I admit that, but I give fair warnings and I tell people that they can post to the VG website if they have any problems, for it is solved in a higher counsel, I just re-enforce the rules as they are accepted by the VG members.

Any other questions, just let me know and I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong section.


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