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Please help, i need more kinds of Catastrophes

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For a private project i need to make a List of catastrophes.
(i hope i Translated them right ^^)

This list will be the Startpoint for me to Write Packing lists and acting advices.

Actuall my list is

Natur Happening

  • Black Hole reach Earth
  • Solar Event
  • Supervulcan
  • Meteor Impact (Large)
  • ---EMP World wide Blackout
  • ---Magnetic pole reversal

Nature Force

  • Earthquake
  • Hurrican
  • Tornado
  • Vulcan eruption
  • Meteor Impact (Small)
  • Flood
  • Tsunamie
  • Clima Change Hot weather
  • Extrem Hot weather
  • Clima Change Cold Weather
  • Extreme Cold Weather


  • Fire in the House
  • Fire in the neigboorhood
  • Power Blackout
  • No Fresh Water Service
  • ---No Gas Service

Human Made

  • Nuclear desaster behind all expectations
  • Terror Act (Means all kinds)
  • Disturbance
  • Civil War
  • War
  • Nuclear War
  • Bombardment
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Raid
  • Garbage Removal out of Service
  • Police out of Service

Human aiming

  • Peak Oil
  • Economy Collapse (Own land)
  • Economy Collapse (Near land)
  • Pandemia Virus
  • Pandemia bacterially
  • Pandemia Nanotech


  • Invasion from Alienmonsters
  • Invasion from Alien Armee
  • Invasion from Ants
  • Invasion from Spider
  • Invasion from Large Spider
  • Invasion from Birds
  • Invasion from Vampires
  • Invasion from Zombies (Slow)
  • Invasion from Zombies (Fast)
  • Invasion from Demons

I know specially under Theoretic it sounds not really Realistic, but for excample a Zombie Invasion can be very good to be compared to a Pandemia.

So pls, what can , or can not happen

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tentacle monster, hmm ok i add "Bowl of Wax Fruit" to the Survival bag

hmm but really, i add the SmokeMonster from Lost, and Godzilla, both unrealistic, but so different to the rest that they can work as Placeholder for something we dont know

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Thanks for all anwers today the work on my project goes on and so i need to take the last as it is.
Because some of you direkt me to compare some Movies i look in my Movie list and add some themes from Movies and series

(Maybe in english a few have other names) list is not full, took me 1 Hour only for these few

Global Black out = Revolution
Time Traveler change History = Continuum
Alien armee attacks = Defiance, Falling skies
Island effect (You cant leave a Zone) = Under The Dome, Lost
Slow Zombie attack = The Walking Death, Resident evil all parts,
Fast Zombie attack = 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later
New Alpha Race (Humans with superpowers) = The Tomorrow people, Heroes, (Grimm), Xmen
Alien Abducktions = Taken, 4400, Xcom (Game)
War = Band of Brothers, the Pacific
Scientiffic accidents = Eureka
Nuclear war = Fallout (Game), Jericho, The Day after
Attack of Dinosaurs = Primeval, Primeval New World
Attack of Monsters = Special Unit 2, Sanctuary, Grimm
Visit of not really friendly Aliens = V,
The System turns against you = Nazis ww2(Real), Spartacus
Extrem Cold = Apokalypse eis(Ger Movie), 2012,
Big Spiders = Big ass Spiders, Arrac Attack, Spider City
Small Spiders = Arachnophobia
Burning House = Flammendes Inferno,
Real is not Real = Matrix
Supervulcan = Magma
Alien Monster Attack = ALien
ALien Soldier Attack = Predator, Battleship
Monsters moving under Earth = Screamers, Tremors
Monsters flying =
Invincible Aliens =
Enemy attacking only in Darkness = Herrschaft der schatten
Robots attack = Terminator, i Robot
Volcan = Volkano, Dantes Peak
Enemy in Mist = the Mist
Sniper = Enemy at the Gates
flood = Hard Rain
Really big Monsters = Godzilla,

One point i figured out by writing the Text is that it is not sensefull to handle the Attack of a Alien from alien as a own Catastrope and a attack of a Tyranosaurs again as a own catastrophe.
I will compare only by Invasion or Attack and then i work out a List of Creatures.
So there will be a list what to do, like our self Creatures must have some different points we can maybe attack

Hirarchie: Maybe if you Control the ALien Queen you control the Aliens. Or more Realistic A Militia has a other Hirarchie than a Armee, Maybe its enough to cut one men out.
Communikation: How communikate the enemy, can we attack these communikation way
Information: Zombies from Movies have no Informations avaiable, and a Militia will use the cellular network, or Radios we can listen to.
Recon: In the Movie the TyRex can only see moving targets (In Real he can smell you far away and see non moving by scientists), Predator can only see Infrared we know it was the way Arnie wins.
Drinking: Maybe the aliens drink Oil, so lets burn all oil wells
Eating: Maybe the aliens eat coal, so Burn all Coal
Moving: Maybe the aliens can only run 2 Kilometers, so run a bit more and shoot him (it).
Attacking: If the enemy has bether aim on long distances go in CQC
Defending: If the enemy has acid blood, dont go in CQC
and so on.

And the Catastropes i part into effects like, Streets unpassable, Bridges Unpassable, stores Closed, Police out of Service, Armee out of service and so on.

In final i work on a Realistic Item list including a Survival Bag, and emergency Equipment, but for those who believe in such thinks the Emergency equipment will hold instead of (one of 5) 20L Water Canister a 20L Holy Water Canister. From "the Walkin Death" we know that it is a really good way to kill Zombies stopped by a fence with a Spear, because there are more Reasons a Spear is a good Weapon i addet a Spear. Against Small Spiders, Ants and because of Chemical Accidents i addet some rols duct tape and thick Planes to close the House, and aditional a active coal Filter for Fresh air. If i would live in New York i would have a Boat on my list, from some movies we know the bridges are not safe.
Or a other though i get from a Movie is that you get fast a Problem if you are the only who has a Item, like the only working car in "war of the Worlds", so your eqipment must look for others not valuable enough to kill you.

I think i need a few weeks until the list is full, then i will give you a Download but the Lists and Texts will be in german, maybe i Translate them, but i cant promise

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Bee's die off = all plant life on earth begins to die off.

(this one is real and scarry - no one knows why the bees are going so far down in numbers, but it is really happening right now. Nowhere near a real problem yet, but each year in Oregon, I see less and less bees on our berry bushes and in the yard in general. spooky! if they die, all of them, the earth will be a ball of sand, rock, and dirt in a matter of decades.)

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Honest to god where I am, I havent seen a bee in about 3 years.. Maybe more.. Sure there are a few wasps around. But No bees at all mate!

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That damned anti gravity juice that they sell on most street corners in England. Guinness i think its called, scientifically refered to as "Black Hole" seems to have been mistakenly placed at the top of your list.

Dragons.... If they wake up, I dread to think, lets just hope they have to cross Gaz's road (he-he).

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