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I just found the Introduction-section !2cool
...so i gonna introduce myself:

Name: Christian
Nick: DonChris
InGame: [GER]DonChris
onVG: PR Coop
Age: 33
Country: Germany
Language: Eng/Ger

Game Experience:

-BF1942 (from the very beginning)
-BF DesertCombat mod
-BF DC Final mod
-BF2 (from the very beginning)
- some COD (i dont remember 2 or 3)
- some BF Bad Company
- some BF3 (totally disappointed)
-ARMA1 Editor
-ARMA2 Editor
-ARMA2 Insurgency
- built diffrent SkiResort simulation maps by using "Ski Region Simulator 2012" editor
-PR (from the very beginning)

In my opinion Project Reality by far is the most exciting game ever ( talkin about war shooter games) and this is finally the game i stick with the last years.
I paused playing PR for a while cause i made thoose ski simulation maps (cause im hot for snow^^) but since about half a year im back to PR and VG.

...so i?m sorry for this kind of very late introduction !cp


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" Welcome DonChris or Christian to the best gaming community on the planet .. please feel very welcome to our gaming home .. enjoy the friendship of clan members and registered gamers .. hope to chat to you on VG TS .. cheers from all at VG

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