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Hi everyone! I love PR and its been great playing with you all.
I came across Project reality about two weeks ago and well... im hooked !!!
i got hooked because the second game i played badploy was my squadleader. he was barking orders while laughing and we all did excellent. its alot of fun playing on your servers your all doing a great job!

however I am still noob, this PR mod is truly somthing else. i just learned how to build in your training server and i successfully planted a FO right on top of my corpse :) so i'll let you all be the SQL untill i catch up

i sport the =THC= tags in game because i am co founder
at the moment i am the only one that plays PR and im really trying to get my pals into it, but so far no luck. They mostly play crossfire and a little BF2

i would add crossfire to your game list if it wasn't filled with so many hackers :(

=VG= is a Great Clan well done i really feel at home on your server i'll see you all on the battlefiled

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Thanks for joining the site aJeep. We always like when cool people like you find us, because that just makes the servers and community even better for everyone.

Thanks for the kudos and I'll keep an eye out for you in the servers!


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